Activity Pack ~ The Land Before Time

**Edited to Add: Here is the link to the cards in PDF form! I have been really sick, sorry it took me a few days to get them up!

Both of my boys love the Land Before Time movies. Recently Pac Man asked me what type of dinosaur each character was and honestly I didn’t know!! SO, I made the boys an activity pack and included a few fun things for both of them, to further enjoy their love of this movie, these characters, and also hopefully to learn a little bit!

In the manila clasp envelope, I put:

  • Matching Cards (1 card has the character, one card has the real dino name)-for Pac Man. I made these from info I got from their website.
  • Coloring Pages of each dino-got these from the movie site.
  • Dino fact sheet cards-so Pac Man could learn a bit more about these real dinos. I got these from Enchanted Learning.

We also had fun making the characters out of Play Doh together! I LOVED that it was something BOTH of my boys were interested in and we could all do together!

Our final creatures…My hope is that Pac Man will go back to this and work on labeling the dinos and learn the names. I hope he will also take time to read the facts about the dinos. As for Krash, he just loved the Play Doh part and seeing his dino friends on the cards! We talked a lot about colors and different features of each dino (horns, legs, tail, spikes, etc.).