Picnic Table Talk ~ ABCs

I’m sure most of you have been there, but just in case you haven’t be sure to visit ABC & 123, it’s a wonderful blog with MANY resources! The mom’s writing it (Katie and Katie) are using a similar philosophy as I use at Totally Tots-bringing many moms together to share many wonderful ideas. Their site isn’t just about tots though, so head on over to find ideas for kids of all ages!

They have a weekly summer “Picnic Table Talk” going on and I thought I would join in! This week’s topic is ABCs!

Here are links to the ABC resources I have on this blog and Totally Tots:

As for my newest list of ABC ideas, I have a running list of people and animals we know! You can see in our main ABC notebook I include photos of family members whose names begin with that letter (which is why I can’t share the PDFs of my sheets). Now that K is getting older (3) and knows more people, I am keeping a list of every person he knows (that I have a photo of somewhere), and including them also! How fun it will be for him to go back and look at his notebook years down the road and see the many people who were even a small part of his life!!!

I make my ABC sheets in Publisher, but you could easily make them in any graphic program.