1000 Subscribers Celebration ~ Brainy Baby Puzzles

Krash is working pretty hard, and he loved what he was doing!

I am SO excited to have Brainy Baby as a sponsor of our celebration! Not only are they a sponsor, they are giving away 6 different products (and they sent all 6 to Krash and Ladybug to review for you)!!! You’ll have to stay tuned to see what else they are giving away, but for today, here’s their first great giveaway…

I immediately loved these simple and colorful animal puzzles and figured Krash would too. I put them on one of his trays and he was instantly attracted to them (which does NOT always happen!!!). He likes puzzles, so that’s a plus.

I showed him how to do one of them and then let him work away. He was able to complete them on his own with minimal help from me. He stuck with it and completed them all!

After he finished I showed him how he could flip them over to see the big words on the back. He enjoyed this also!

These are great, simple, 3-piece puzzles, just perfect for Tot School! You can buy your own set here.