Top 5 Friday ~ Mom’s Wish List

I am not a big participator 🙂 in weekly carnivals/memes, due to lack of time, however I found a VERY simple one I like, that would give me a good Friday post for ya! (since I don’t have another one and usually don’t on Friday’s)! This may be the only Friday I join in, but we’ll see…you never know what a new week will bring.

I love short, to the point blog posts sometimes, and I also love knowing what other moms love, that is why I am joining in with Christy from Superheroes and Princesses with her new Top Five Friday’s!

This week she’s sharing her Mommy Wishes ~ I have a few of those too. No needs, just wishes!

My Top 5 Mommy Wishes…

  1. My husband home more (a little less busy). He hasn’t been home a lot lately due to a hectic ministry schedule right now. I miss him, so do the kids, and he misses us. I LOVE it when Daddy is home!! This is my #1 wish for so many reasons-the help, the joy, the fun, and much more! We LOVE Daddy!
  2. A bathroom. As missionaries, we live in the inner city in a VERY old row home. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our house-it is really cool and I feel very blessed. There are however, a few quirks about it that I dream of changing! One is the bathroom. We all (2 parents and 3 kids) share one tiny bathroom. We lived in a brand new typical suburban family home right before we moved here over 5 years ago and it had an awesome master bath-like most new homes do nowadays. I miss my master bath so much. We have a dream of saving $ and building a master bath onto our bedroom…we’ll see!
  3. Shelves. I love shelves, I want lots of them, I want them all to match and look pretty. I never can have enough shelves. Currently I am trying to convince my husband that I need just 1 more bookshelf for our school book storage…we’ll see!
  4. Less Stuff. I want a week or 2 to go through every area of my entire home and get RID of stuff. I have been doing this and we have decreased our amount of life-baggage significantly over the past 2 years or so. But, I am desperate to have the time to completely finish and know that every drawer and box has been gone through.
  5. A Big Desk. I want one of those fancy wrap around the corner desks with incredible storage (something like this-although I could never afford to shop at Pottery barn!). I want shelves up the wall, big drawers with little storage compartments. I work on an Ikea desk, that is in the middle of my “closet.” It is fine, I am blessed to have it, I just wish I could have a Mommy-office that ROCKS!

Wanna share your Top 5 Mommy Wishes (or anything else that you love right now)? Head on over and join up!

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