Tot School

~Krash is currently 40.5 months old~

** links to all toys and books are at the bottom of the post

Learning Toys/Trays

One of our all-time favorites is hammering the letters into this foam puzzle. We have both the upper and lowercase puzzle and love them!!!
This is one of our new favorites, the BIG version of the Lauri Peg Stacking set. I got mine from my mom who bought it for $40 at a teacher store. Be wise and buy yours on Amazon for less than $30! This is a wonderful open-ended toy that lasts for years. My 7 year old LOVES it, he built the little tower thing in this photo. If you don’t have this one, put it on a wish-list!!!

Krash just likes to put all of the pegs in, he’s not into the building yet.

He had tons of fun showing me how he could stand on it once he had all of the pegs in it!!!

He worked on spooning jewels into a paint tray to make a green/blue pattern.

We have a few big floor puzzles and I love them. We hadn’t done one in awhile and K was really excited when I pulled this one out. We did it about 4-5 times throughout the week he liked it so much!

I got this awesome little game from a homeschool sale for about 50 cents. I can’t find it anywhere online, but K loves it! It’s a mini connect 4 game with letters on the circles.

I got him a new coloring book and crayon wheel from the dollar store, which he loved!!!

Working on identifying numbers with our number stencil puzzles.

Drawing on our chalkboard…

He loves this toy!!! He pointed out each color for me and we counted them together after he got them all into the spots. He focused for a long time doing this!


We played Letter Ball again and I snapped 1 photo and it was this one, I LOVE it!!!! This game is so much fun for tots with tons of energy, I highly recommend it or doing something similar. Doing kinesthetic activities (movement) is a great way for many tots to acquire skills.

Our letter project this week was Qq for Queen, inspired from No Time for Flashcards.

After we got our queen done, the boys really wanted to continue on with glitter. Me, not so much, but sometimes I am a nice Mommy. We have a song we do for calendar that has taught K to spell his name out loud and he asked to make “K-__ __ __ __” on the paper. He goes around spelling his name all the time now, P’s name too! Of course we had to make his name and everyone else in the family too!

Theme: Monsters

We continued on with our fun MONSTER theme and I got the entire Tot Pack done. Yes I know I said I would post it, but honestly I have been too busy creating it, and using it with K to even have time to think about posting it! I promise I will though, soon!

He worked on the puzzles I made for him…

This size sequencing game was made from the monster Pac Man drew on the computer. Let me just tell you how good it made P feel to see his creation end up in the Tot Pack!!! Great confidence booster!

We also played hide and seek with them, which helped a lot with identifying sizes.

K continued to work on his fuzzy monster poster from Target $1.

Here’s the spelling game I made for him, he loved this…

After the game the boys played with the monsters together, it was so cute!

Here he is matching monsters. And also having the monster “jump on the bed” like in the story.

This was the big flop. I made a folder with monster stickers, and cut out and laminated another set for matching. Yup, of course, he hated it.

Recess/Life School

Another caterpillar friend!!!!

Laurie Berkner was a BIG hit!!! Here they are running and playing “Catch You.”

Mommy’s Favorite…

Caught this shot during Laurie Berkner, I love the boys, but also Ladybug in the background checking it all out. I have to put her up so they don’t plow her over!!!

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