Raising Rock Stars ~ Week 2

Bible Story…Creation, week 2

We studied Creation again, there was just too much for only one week! Daddy read the boys the book, The Seven Days of Creation. The best part was when he made the elephant noise for the boys, and that I captured him in action for the blog. 😉
We then sung 2 songs, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, and a new song I found about creation…it was cute!

Then we all sat down to play a little game of Creation Memory together.
Krash lost interest quickly, but Pac Man enjoyed it!

Then we played “Adam Names the Animals” as a family. Pac Man had to read the words to Krash and Krash had ti identify the animal. Great skills at 2 different levels!
I put all of our fun creation stuff into a simple file folder and hooked it all into our notebook!

Weekly Bible Verse…John 6:48
Songs for Saplings ~ Bb

We work on our verse every day during calendar time, and we also listen to the entire Songs for Saplings CD during recess at least 1-2 days per week!

Resources used this week:

Coming Up…

  • Bible Story…Adam & Eve~The Fall
  • Memory Verse…Cc ~ 2 Corinthians 3:18

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