Christmas Lists are Starting…

I know I’m not the only one thinking about what we might get the kiddos for Christmas this year (or ask the grandparents to get), and actually I have gotten quite a few emails and comments asking what I would recommend for YOUR kiddos!

So, as a part of my new website, I created a page showcasing our very favorites. They are in no particular order, and not sorted by any certain category. I went through almost every Tot School photo I had, and many other photos to see what I KNOW are the very favorite items we own.

Here’s a link to the new page, What We Love!

I was picky about what I put on the page, trying to choose only the items that are played with repeatedly and usually by both of my boys. I also chose toys that stand the test of time (for the most part), and mostly open ended types of things that allow for tons of creative play. A few things shown are learning toys that we absolutely love and use all the time, many items are just fun toys!

Have fun browsing through our suggestions and leave me a comment of a toy you recommend for my children for Christmas as I start making lists for them! At the bottom of the webpage there is a link to our family wish list *store* where you can see the beginnings of potential Christmas lists!

If you have any questions about anything on the list, or anything that you know we own that didn’t make the list, feel free to ask!

I also get asked a lot how we have so many toys and school items…because this is all we ask for when birthdays and Christmas rolls around and we are blessed with family members who buy these types of things for our kids!

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