Raising Rock Stars ~ Noah’s Ark

Bible Story…Noah’s Ark

Daddy began by reading the kiddos Noah’s Crew Came 2 by 2, which they all love!

Then it was time for a little Noah’s Ark play time! We are blessed to have 2 toy arks. One is Melissa and Doug, the other is hand made!

I also set out ALL of our Noah’s Ark books and Krash enjoyed looking through a few of them…
Then it was coloring time…
We always love coloring together, this has become a regular part of our Bible time each week!

After coloring time we watched the Noah’s Ark story on our Read-n-See DVD Bible, and also enjoyed singing Arky Arky together! (also on the DVD)

Throughout the week we re-visited Krash’s Noah’s Ark Tot Book, but I forgot to take any pics of him with it!

**I will not be posting our weekly verse here anymore, as we are a bit off on my posts, due to the Halloween posts I did. I will leave the link below so you can always find the most recent printables which go up each Monday on Totally Tots!

Resources used this week:

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