Raising Rock Stars ~ CHRISTmas…Symbols of Christmas

We were all excited to begin a month of CHRISTmas fun for family Bible time each Sunday night! I have planned 3 different themes and am excited to spend this time with our family learning and growing together! This week our focus was on the symbols of Christmas to help the boys understand WHY we decorate the house and why we use certain things to decorate with. We began by reading this awesome book, My Merry Christmas: And the Real Reason for Christmas Joy which explores some of the symbols of Christmas in a very simple and cute way.IMG_6644

I made a few simple Tot games for Krash to add to his Christmas Tot Pack, and we explored 2 of them together! It was fun doing some of his Tot School all together as a family, he loved it! First we matched Christmas Symbols…IMG_6646

Then we sorted Christmas trees…IMG_6653

Finally we went to the table where we all worked on coloring a mini book about the symbols of Christmas (thanks to Valerie for the awesome resources I am using for the entire month!)IMG_6658
You can also see our Little People Nativity set, K insisted on bringing it to the table when we began talking about the baby in the symbols book! He also wanted to color the baby for his contribution to the event!

Resources used this week:

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