Tot School ~ Spring Fun…Kites!

~Krash is currently 46 months old~

Learning Toys

We did ALL of his ladybug ABCs together, but it was way more fun to drive cars on the bug-road!IMG_2419

Stacker Pegs…always a BIG HIT {with both boys}… IMG_2440

He learned to put them on his fingers! {Visit my Play with Me post on Totally Tots for more play ideas with this awesome toy!}IMG_2444

K continues to LOVE these puzzles. By far his favorite puzzles. He has these and the dino set and asks for them a lot!IMG_2771

Remember these? Yup, we still love them. Krash can build them all by himself now…IMG_2827but his favorite thing to do is this… IMG_2828


We began our SPRING FUN this week {thankfully the SUN cooperated}, we enjoyed tons of KITE activities! You can find all of the files for these activities here on my Spring Fun webpage and also from Erica’s K is for Kite post!

He matched the kites…IMG_2343

Traced the lines {and amazed me with his ability to focus on this}! IMG_2346His control while tracing is unreal to me {since Pac Man was TOTALLY different}. IMG_2363

He dot painted his K is for Kite… IMG_2381

He counted 1-10 with me, putting his kites all in order {with help}…IMG_2560Then I had him practice 1:1 counting by moving each number over as he said it, to make sure he didn’t go too fast or skip any!IMG_2568

On another day we used erasers to match to the numbers 1-5…IMG_2804

We played the Build a Kite game… {I love these games for the number ID practice he gets}IMG_2597

He cut out all of his triangles and put his colored kite together… IMG_2796 IMG_2800

He read his Spring mini book a few times {Pac enjoys helping}…IMG_2554

He worked on his Spring ABC file folder several times. I gave him just a handful of letters to do each time so he wouldn’t get overwhelmed.IMG_2576


Post SubTitles ABC

We read the Gingerbread Baby and made F is for Fox!

IMG_2812 Some of you have asked if our letter matches up with our theme. NO it does not. I don’t worry about everything matching ;-). We do lots of stuff within a theme and lots of random stuff. Young kiddos don’t care nearly as much as we moms do about things all going together!

Techy TotMy iPod has been a sought after item this week for both boys. It’s funny how some weeks they barely ask for it, and some they are both fighting over it! Krash has especially enjoyed his different apps this week. IMG_2748I got him a new one in honor of the Dr. Seuss sale! We have enjoyed reading through the book together with this app and he has played with it alone too! Adorable and only 99 cents right now! Find this app and more on our website!


Rock Star Tot

Each morning during our calendar time, we practice our old verses. I always LOVE hearing Krash recite {sing} his verses from memory-it is so encouraging to me! IMG_2789


Tiny Tot School

Ladybug explored SPOOLS this week! I had a few plastic spools and some wooden ones my mom had saved for me. Again, such a simple object {and free}, but filled with opportunities to explore for a Tiny Tot! I love seeing her dig things out of the basket! IMG_2727She really liked seeing how many she could fit in her chubby little hands!IMG_2734

I added a clear empty container {parmesan cheese} and put them all inside, she had fun dumping them out, although she still just preferred to bang them together and hold lots in one hand!IMG_2778

Little bug is learning to get around much better now! I find her like this a lot now, just trying to get the courage up to drop and scoot!IMG_2745We had a little Tot School in the sun for a few days when God blessed us greatly!!!!!IMG_2663 Nothing better than the sun and big brothers who adore you, right? 😉 This princess has it made.IMG_2677IMG_2470Ladybug loves turning pages in books and will sit by herself and do this for a really long time! {yes, I know I am blessed-neither of the boys did this often or for nearly as long}. IMG_2481


Life School

The sun made for some awesome deck fun this past week. It is raining now {POURING actually} as I write this, so these pictures make me smile and long for the sun to return this week!

Krash practiced using a fan to cool himself from severe heat stroke {you know in the 58 degree weather}.

IMG_2507 Krash dresses himself most days now;-)IMG_2499


Moms Favorite

This boy just makes me smile. I simply adore him. Those brown eyes, that silly grin, those chubby cheeks. IMG_2397

Those are my feet, tickling him. I love remembering his contagious laugh.IMG_2409


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