Tot School ~ Butterflies

~Krash is currently 47 months old~

~Ladybug is currently 11.5 months old~

I am posting early this week because we are leaving for a CRUISE this weekend!!! My parents are taking us, AND the boys are staying next door to us in their room {we will have Ladybug alone with us}!!!! This vacation is coming at a perfect time, we are so VERY thankful!!! The Tot School post for next week will go up late, and will show our Tot School at SEA!!!!!

Learning Toys

Krash had fun painting outside this week. It began on paper and ended up on a box…


IMG_4423 copy

He used our number puzzles to work on 1-10…IMG_4573

Gotta love $1 Target puzzles! After he put it together I asked him to point to different parts, both listed and not listed on the puzzle. I realized by doing this that he did not remember shoulders, elbows and chin! We gotta get to work!IMG_4625 copy 2

We played with our nesting blocks, which will be featured later this month on Totally Tots for my Play with Me post. He loved throwing the bean bag in to different boxes!IMG_4960 copy We continue to do our shape of the day and he still loves this!IMG_4599

Pac Man showed him how to make a tiny diamond with his fingers, I love the intensity as he tries to copy his big brother!



K’s star boxes for the week {counting bears with a color die and boxes, stacking cups, lacing beads}. I didn’t get any action shots, but he played with these SO much! I even caught him sorting on his own! He came and got me one day and asked me to help him stack the cups in the correct order, so adorable.IMG_4535


We enjoyed a week celebrating NEW LIFE by focusing on butterflies! We read loads of great butterfly books…IMG_4531 copy

Krash painted his New Creation Bible verseIMG_4526 copy

He read “How Many Butterflies” {from the Very Hungry Caterpillar Tot Pack}IMG_4561 copy He watched me while I made neat things on the butterfly play doh mat. {this is in the Easter printables}IMG_4576 copy

He cut out his own 2 Corinthians 5:17 mini book! This is a first and he insisted on cutting it all by himself {so different than Pac Man who always begged me to do all of his cutting for him when he was younger}IMG_4610 copy

He was very into the watercolor paints this week, which is totally new for us! For so long he hated them! He asked if he could paint his mini book, and boy did he ever paint it!

IMG_4622 copyIMG_4611 copy

Techy TotWe were given a neat new set of apps to review ~ Tickle Tap Apps, and Krash is really enjoying them. I will have a full review in May along with a giveaway, but here’s a sneak peek at one of his favorites in the set, the counting game.IMG_4550

Tiny Tot SchoolLadybug worked on her very first puzzle this week! She loves exploring the pieces right now, we’ll work on putting them where they go down the road. 😉IMG_4591 copy 2

IN and OUT is a very big passion of Ladybug’s right now. This past week she learned to put her little friends in her van. She did this over and over again and was very intense about it as you can see.

IMG_4898 copyIMG_4910 copy

She explored our nesting blocks for the first time. She loved that she could put things in and take them out again! Like I said, big passion of hers now.IMG_5056 copy

Life School

We all need a little movie/blankee break, right? IMG_4639 copy

Little bug enjoys a good movie every now and then too…IMG_4650 copy

The HOT weather hit here this past week, breaking 90 one day! Finally time for outside water play, we had two really happy boys! Daddy was spraying them from our 2nd story deck!IMG_4719crop IMG_4737 copycrop IMG_4749 copycrop

Moms Favorite

Last week it was K showing Ladybug how to play his Leapster, this week it was P showing Krash how to play his Didj. If only it were always like this…{I can dream right?}


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