Tot School ~ The Grand Finale for Krash!

~Krash is currently 47.5 months old~

~Ladybug is currently 12.5 months old~

After years of being the Tot School STAR, the reason it all began in the first place, Krash will be retiring from his usual starring role in the Tot School posts and handing the role over to his little sister officially!  This is the last post for Krash as a Tot Schooler, he moves to Preschool Corner next week!

This was a transition week for us BIG time as we returned from vacation and I got myself ready for the official transition.  I didn’t do too much school-wise with either of my tots, but we had an awesome week together…that’s what really matters!

Learning Toys

We played Leapfrog Bingo several times this week, helping Krash work on game skills and his numbers.  He did really well!IMG_6283

My mom found this awesome number train puzzle at a consignment sale, we LOVE it! I always snag giant puzzles at thrift stores and used sales, the kids love them but I think they are way too much to buy new ;-).IMG_6291 copy

Krash had fun stringing beads this week too.  I tried really hard to get him to count with me, but he just wanted to string them ;-). IMG_6298 copy

Tiny Tot SchoolLadybug is still very fond of the whole in-and-out thing so I gave her two containers and some beads and she went at it for awhile. IMG_6306 copy

We also got out the bottle shakersIMG_6416 copy

I added in a metal mixing bowl, which actually freaked her out at first!  She warmed up to it soon, and had fun banging them in and out for a long time!IMG_6453 copy

Pac Man taught her how to spin, using his Uno Spin board…IMG_6440 copy

She is all over the place now!  She is finally completely mobile and into everything!  IMG_6424 copy


Life School

Krash inherited Pac Man’s old baseball glove and was super excited for Daddy to teach him baseball skills too ;-).IMG_6341 copy

Social skills in action…Krash enjoyed a play date with his good buddy Daniel!   They were fighting pirates for most of the afternoon.IMG_6531 copy 2



Moms Favorite

Krash LOVES how interactive and playful Ladybug has become and he is showering her with love often.  She doesn’t quite know what to make of all his energy but she adores him too {even if she looks totally annoyed}.IMG_6374 copy

IMG_6385 copy

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