Contacting Me

For those of you who read my blog in a reader or via email, I thought I would post my new Contact Me info here in a post. If you jump over to my blog you will see the new drop-down navigational bar at the top, which is where the new “contact me” info is located. Here it is:

You can email me at 1plus1plus1equals1 {@} be sure to remove the space, I don’t link it for spam purposes.

I try my best to respond to all emails, but my life simply does not allow a timely response for all. Sometimes you will catch me when I am sitting right here and will get an immediate response, sometimes it may be awhile. I even forget {gasp} sometimes. I ALWAYS put my family first, so when the time is not there, it just simply isn’t there. I hope you can understand this.

I sincerely want to answer all of the emails I receive, it is the desire of my heart, but I know it is not what God wants me doing at this season of my life. I DO READ ALL OF THE EMAILS!!!! I file them in my “need to reply” folder and do my best to find time to reply one by one. So, just because you haven’t heard from me, does not mean I haven’t read the email…I read them all, and all of my comments.

I am MUCH BETTER at replying to comments, so if you have a quick question, it is often better to post it in a comment. Other readers might be able to answer it for you there also!

I do have several “From my Inbox” posts, which answer some of the ?s I get via email so all can see. You might also check my Behind the Scenes posts to see if I have done an extensive post about something I commonly get asked about.

THANK YOU for reading along with me and being a part of my online ministry, I pray my site(s) bless you and your family!

Also- I recently got an email from someone labeling me as unprofessional for not answering emails. if this was you {I am leaving your name out to keep your identity private}, please take a moment to check your junk/spam email folder because I did reply to both of your recent emails and copied both of those replies into my last reply.

Thanks to those of you who so graciously support me with your kind comments and emails and offer me grace when I don’t get back to you-I truly am so sorry if I haven’t replied to an email you have sent, I would need an entire day alone to just catch up at this point. I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful set of “invisible” friends ;-). I have never before felt attacked at all in a comment or an email until today and although it was minor, it was shocking to me. I try my best to follow the Golden Rule, especially online, and was a bit hurt when I wasn’t offered the same grace {not to mention I didn’t even need grace in this case since I had replied to the emails}. 🙂 Anyway, thanks to those of you who treat me with the grace I don’t even deserve, you guys rock!