Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 12.5 months old~

Ladybug had a rough week with tons of teeth still coming in and a few new ones joining those. Gheesh, neither of my boys got almost all of their teeth at once like this-or so late. Pac Man had his first tooth at 11 weeks!!!

We did get lots of fun Tot School time in and she really enjoyed the attention 😉 and things I brought out for her to explore.

She really likes our Zoobs. They fit perfectly in her little hands and she enjoyed gathering them all into her hands at once and also putting them into this empty container.


I enjoyed how cute she looked while doing it.IMG_7259-2

She LOVES to read and will look through her books often on her own. She really likes this new book that she got from her 1 year doc visit! IMG_7387-2

I got out our Pets Sounds puzzle and she loved it! She couldn’t put the pieces in but loved taking them out, using the little pegs on them.IMG_7409

Krash loved helping her and showing her how to put them in. Once again I am getting to see the joys of Tot Schooling with an older child around. Sure, it is hard and often frustrating, but SO very important I believe. Krash is learning so much by being the helper, I love it!IMG_7435-2

Speaking of Krash and all that he is learning through L-bug’s Tot School time…check out the patience my wild guy is displaying as he watches her play with one of his favorite toys {Discovery Toy Bugs}. When I give a younger child something, I allow them free exploring time before the older sibling dives in and gets all dominant and controlling. I did this with the boys and now with Ladybug. He was dying to get his hands on those bugs, but was patient and obeyed.IMG_7515

Ladybug enjoyed taking the bugs out and putting them back in. We also worked some with the lid and played hide-n-seek with the bugs,IMG_7532

We celebrated K’s 4th birthday and Ladybug was VERY into a few of his gifts!!! She LOVED his new Wedgits and played forever with these!!! Thankfully he was busy with his Bat Man toys!IMG_7766

She also really liked digging through the big bucket of cookie cutters!!!IMG_7826

Moms Favorite

The cheeks, the rolls, the pouty lips, the belly so big it makes her shirt crop up, the dimple in her elbow, the sprouts that Daddy called “ears” on the top of her head…oh I could just eat her with a spoon!IMG_7431

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