Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter H

~ Krash is currently 4 years old ~

We had a short week due to my grandmother passing away {she suffered long with Alzheimer’s so we actually lost her long ago, I am thankful she is free in heaven with Jesus now!} I traveled to South Dakota for several days with my mom and Ladybug, so needless to say, school {and blogging} was put on the back burner. Here’s what I managed to capture before I left.

Rock starsThis is the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum. I am not sharing photos of each part every week, just what I happen to catch! We do the entire unit even if I don’t show it here in the photos!

Our Letter this week was Hh, our verse: Honor your mother and your father. Exodus 20:12

Here’s our board for the week…IMG_7138

This week we used the pointer a lot, and Krash came up daily to point to various things I asked him to find. Here he is using the pointer to read the verse…IMG_7277-2

He did awesome cutting out each of his vocabulary cards… IMG_7182-2

He love the “Shape Parents” craft. He cut out all of the rectangles and I cut the rest. Then I put the glue on the paper and told him which shape to find. IMG_7453

Again, he was super proud of it!IMG_7473 You can find the entire set of printables for the Hh unit here on the RRSP Hh resource page.

in the box{A few things that were in his preschool workboxes for the week}

We read Very Hungry Caterpillar every day this week and enjoyed a few activities {all from my Tot Pack} with the book. I had hoped to do more, but with a spontaneous trip to my grandma’s funeral, I ran out of time. Here’s what we did do…

We used our size caterpillars to talk about how the caterpillar grew as he ate more and more! IMG_7479

We found the colored foods as we read the story one day, this is P helping K…IMG_7489

He also matched up our upper and lowercase letters one day…IMG_7501

He loved our new color puzzles, and completed them all in one day!IMG_7192

He also reminded me that we needed to get going again on our Crafty ABCs, Ii for iguana was next in line! {we do these completely separate from our RRSP stuff, so no-the letter does not match up}IMG_7891

game time

This week I chose Candyland {we happen to own the Dora version because when Pac was young he was obsessed with Dora-which we gladly poke fun with him about now!!!} IMG_7507

Skills we focused on while playing….

  • Color ID
  • 1:1 counting as K moved his Diego by himself for this game {just last week he needed tons of help}
  • Dealing with defeat-especially when you were almost the winner and then drew a candy cane and had to go all the way near the start!
  • Getting along with siblings. Again, the boys played alone by the 3rd day. This week I played on day 1 with K alone-to teach the rules. Day 2 was the 3 of us together and day 3 and 4-boys alone with me supervising. Pac is learning a lot about how to not be so competitive with someone 4 YEARS YOUNGER…a skill I am hoping he grasps sooner than later!

Life School

Krash celebrated his 4th birthday this past weekend {you can see his gifts here}, right after that I had to fly out of town for the funeral so most of his life school occurred with me gone while he stayed with Daddy and Baba {my dad}. I got home yesterday though and busted out the HUGE set of cookie cutters he got for his bday and we played all together for hours! Krash was very into making airplanes, despite my efforts to aim for letters and numbers ;-). We counted his many airplanes, he loved that!IMG_7883

Moms favIMG_7553


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