Happy 4th Birthday Krash!!!!


I figured since I shared what Pac Man got for #8, I should probably share what Krash got for #4!  I had a lot of these on his list and thankfully grandparents helped us out!  He also got some fun surprises!  Oh how I LOVE this sweet, crazy 4 year old!!!!



Melissa and Doug Construction Puzzlesimage


Wilton 101 Cookie Cutters {for our Play Doh}image




Will, God’s Mighty Warriorimage 

Good Night Warriorimage


Super Soaker Water Guns image


Automoblox Mini SUVimage

He is really into Bat Man so he also got a few action figures and boy-toys like that!  He loved those!!!!  We also got him an awesome cruise ship toy set back when we were on the cruise, he has played with that the most!

We all loved his Cold Stone ice cream cake {he asked for it}! Happy Birthday Buddy!IMG_7730-2

On another note ~ I will be leaving to go out of town tomorrow and will be without a computer until Wednesday  🙁 .  I will have limited internet access on my iPod.  There won’t be a Rock Stars post on Tuesday, but I will be putting up Tot School tomorrow before I leave!