Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 13 months old~

We had a fairly normal week around here. I had trouble with my camera card, so I lost an entire day’s photos, bummer. Ladybug is turning into quite the “little girl” right before our eyes.

Tot Trays

I set up Ladybug’s first Tot Trays! She has begun to show interest in getting things off of the shelves to play with by herself, so I followed her lead and set up 3 trays for her on the bottom row! This week I put out dice and a cup, a chunky puzzle {which she had NO interest in}, and pom poms with a empty clear container.

She loved the pom poms and the empty container and got these out daily. She loved collecting the pom poms into one hand-as many as she could fit! She also learned to put them into the bottle by herself! IMG_8187

The dice were a big hit too! She loved certain ones though, it was rather humorous to watch! IMG_8097


Learning Toys

Now just because it wasn’t on HER tray, doesn’t mean it wasn’t fair game to be played with. Krash had Wedgits in one of his Star boxes for his Preschool Workboxes this week also, so she happily dug into those daily too! She loves Wedgits!


Just in case you think Ladybug is always all done up and matching-here’s proof that she can be quite the {still adorable} ragamuffin at times! She was half-dressed in this shot-is anyone else guilty of this? Somehow she had on her pants, but still her PJ top and socks.



Another favorite of hers is our box of musical instruments. She loves to dig through them and pull out her favorites!IMG_8194


Up in her room, she has a few Tot School toys so we work together there too. We worked with her Shape Hippo {from Target}. She has learned how to make the shapes fly out of his mouth and loves this!IMG_8209

She also loves to play in the boys’ room! We recently got out the cardboard building blocks. She wasn’t as impressed as I thought she’d be 😉



She loves the Anamalz! IMG_8298

I LOVE her mouth full of teeth…IMG_8305


Pat-A-Cake is a big favorite right now. If you tell her to clap, she looks at you like you are crazy. If you say “Pat-A-Cake” she gets all giddy and starts clapping!IMG_8241


Moms FavoriteI could gaze into her eyes all day long. Oh how I’d love to dive into that little brain of hers and dig her thoughts out!IMG_8238


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