Raising Rock Stars ~ The Armor of God

The Armor of God

During our morning Bible time we have been reading Joshua, which we recently completed.  For Raising Rock Stars Preschool last week we did the letter Ii, which focused on the verse ~ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me {Philippians 4:13}.  Our main story book for the week was Will, God’s Mighty Warrior which led to a LOT of discussion about being in battle against Satan and being in GOD’S ARMY.  After all of these things, I thought a family night based around the Armor of God would fit in just perfectly so that’s what we did!

We started by talking about the cover of our Will book.  We discussed his “armor,” a topic Krash LOVES! IMG_8345


Then we went through the lesson by reading the NIV version of Ephesians 6:10-17, using a PowerPoint show I created for them {this will be available in the Members Only section, which is opening soon, I promise}  Krash LOVED the PowerPoint, it really had him engaged!IMG_8351


I also made a set of printables, which you can download here.  The boys had to work together to match the Bible verse to the piece of armor.  This was taken directly from the PowerPoint, so it was familiar to them.  Pac Man read the verse and Krash had to find the graphic to match.IMG_8357


Finally, they had to work together to team-color a cute sheet I found with a bear wearing his Godly Armor.  I was actually amazed with how well they did with this-I thought certainly they’d be fighting terribly.IMG_8362


Ladybug was with us but she was too busy learning about how to be a princess, with her book, Do Princesses Count?  She read her own books almost the entire time we did our lessons!  This girl loves to read!IMG_8365

We are currently reading the book of Judges in the morning so I imagine a good ol Gideon lesson will be coming soon!


Resources used this week:

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