Out of the Zone ~ Our Current Zone

out of the zone2

We are in a major state of “WAITING” around here.  We are waiting for our wonderful new schoolroom to be complete so we can move in and set up!  I have chosen Pac Man’s new desk {table and shelves} and have designed the space on the Ikea Planner ;-).  I have the furniture picked out the $$ saved to buy the items we need to buy, and a family eager to move in!  We are so close now I can taste it, but we still have a month or so before we can set up shop.

In the meantime we are in our current schoolroom, which is completely fine, just very messy and crowded right now.  This room worked fine for the past several years, but we have slowly outgrown the space now that I have a 3rd grader who really needs to be able to focus, a wild preschooler, and an all-over-the-place tot.  If we wouldn’t have been blessed with the new schoolroom {which I will share about in detail soon}, I would have had to come up with some other plan.  Us all being in this small room {approx 9×10} for school just isn’t working.

Kirsten was home and walked in one day and snapped some pictures of Pac and I working.  This is how we are set up right now..IMG_4228

My command central is right there on the right and Pac’s is on the left, we share the table.  It is very hard now that his books are bigger and he needs more space to spread out.   We have had to remove his Workboxes for now due to space, but plan to get a version of the system back up and running when we move in to the new room. 


We make it work though and it just makes us both more thankful for what lies ahead in the new room!!!  Currently he and I do his schooling al together here.  IMG_4230 Teaching 3rd grade is so much different than 2nd and below.  It requires so much more out of him, and out of me!

How do those of you who school in a small space deal with this?  How do you handle an older child who needs to focus but won’t stay on track if sent to work alone {easily distracted}?  I can’t send Pac Man out of the room to work or something that should take him 20 minutes will take 2 hours ;-).  But, when L and K are in there, he has such a hard time focusing…plus he just talks to me a lot, sitting right next to me!  I am hoping the new {way bigger} schoolroom will really help with this.  Those of you with more experience, do you think it will?


I have written a few other school room posts, but it has been awhile.  I promise I will share in great detail as we move into the new room!!!!

If you are wondering where K and L were…K was watching a movie {that’s how we roll around here these days-so I don’t lose my sanity} and L was napping.