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~Ladybug is currently 18 months old~

Ladybug has started really walking this week, although still mostly chooses to crawl.  Her personality is really shining now as I believe the nasty molars have made it through the tough period.  She is back to her sweet, giggly self mostly.  This is a relief because she had been out of sorts for weeks.  We had a fun week exploring and learning together ;-).

Learning Toys

She still loves our Playskool Gears toy {actually the boys still love it to}…IMG_9996

She continues to love her magnetic dress up dolls, specifically their clothes!  I showed her how the attached to the dry erase board and she loved this!IMG_0358

We haven’t done Play Doh with L a lot, and it has been awhile.  I got it out for Krash and Ladybug one day when Pac Man was sick, and they both loved it!  She played with it a lot more than I thought she would.

 IMG_0367 IMG_0376

She has never seen our wooden Noah’s Ark Toy, this was her first time!  She loved it and immediately began trying to put the animals in the shape holes-unlike the boys who sued to just dump them all into the top!Noah's Ark Toy

Counting bears are still a favorite…she still loves putting them into and dumping them out of the cups.Counting Bears

tub of fun I updated our fall sensory bin by taking out the fall leaves and replacing them with little foam pumpkin shapes {got at JoAnn Fabric}.   I also added in a little jack-o-lantern coozie {K is holding it}.



Life SchoolLadybug’s new Guidecraft doll cradle is a BIG hit.  You can read our full review here.  She rocks anything and everything, including our pumpkins 😉  IMG_0257

She continues to love our easel and draws daily.  I drew the outline of a pumpkin one morning last week and the kids added the details…IMG_0262

Her new favorite is sitting at K’s desk and getting out all of her crayons to scribble…triangular crayons I glanced over and saw her like this, trying to get all of HIS too…IMG_0344Success {I got them for her ;-)} IMG_0348


Moms Favorite

She thought her new doll cradle {review here} was for her to sleep in 😉 IMG_0215-2


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