Something Special ~ Marble Painted Pumpkin Craft

something special Marble Paint Pumpkin Craft

This week I get full credit for my pumpkin craft idea!  I am sure someone else has done exactly this, but I didn’t use the internet to search, I used my creative {ahem} brain.

I made a simple pumpkin printable {which you can download here} and printed them on white cardstock.  I saved some perfect cardboard box tops and we marble-painted pumpkins!  When I told the boys how we were going to paint, they were both overjoyed!IMG_0017

Look at K’s face as he was beginning his “painting game” as he called it!IMG_0010

We used a paint tray {ours are from Oriental Trading but I have seen them at Michaels and AC Moore} and plastic spoons to help keep my hands clean {I did the transferring for them}IMG_0040


I put a small tape roll to hold the paper in place, the boys loved how the box top looked when we took the first one off!IMG_0051

Each child made 1 large pumpkin and then 4 smaller ones {I had decorating ideas in mind ahead of time!}.IMG_0044


Ladybug made one too, except I really had to help her so no action shots of her!  She kept trying to grab the marble!!!  She giggled and giggled though-loving the process!IMG_0075-2

After they dried, I laminated them all, and then used them as fall decorations!  I made a leaf chain for our living room mirror, and hung the big ones in different places.  One in a window and the other two in our schoolroom!  The kids LOVE seeing their art up as decorations!



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