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This is my list of ideas for MOMS! I will link to everything where I find the best online price {most of the time it is Amazon}. Most links are affiliate links, some are not {if I am not affiliated with the particular company}. If you purchase anything through an affiliate link, you give back a percentage to our family…thanks!

Obviously I am forgetting many things I love, but I tried to think for a few weeks before posting this list! You can be sure if it is on this list it comes highly recommended from me!

Gift Ideas...moms


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  • Laminator {everyone knows how much I love this, right?}
  • iPod Dock {we use ours for school, we have this exact one but got ours at Target, it’s a bit pricey (it was a gift) but I bet a less pricey model would be equally as wonderful!}
  • Label Maker {don’t know how I lived so long without one-got ours and get our refills at Costco}
  • Cuisinart Hand Mixer {oh how I LOVE this little gadget, I got mine at Costco within the last year}

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The BIG Gift {just in case Santa still visits any of you}

  • iPod Touch {I own the 32G version 3, I linked to the 8G version 4-which is smaller-I don’t really need the 32G I have, but also is better as the newer version has a camera!}
  • Canon Digital Rebel {I personally own the 40D, but the rebel is the best starter dSLR} I get asked a lot about which model of Rebel is best. Honestly-if this is your first dSLR, the lower priced model is great. If you can afford the higher priced model-go for it. BUT-it is not necessary. That is my personal opinion and I know others may disagree. I say the price difference isn’t worth it unless you have future professional plans-and then you’d more than likely move beyond a Rebel anyway. I don’t own either but have seen both and used older models of both.
    • 50mm lens {if you like the blurred background and the ability to shoot in lower light without a flash, you want this lens!}
    • See all of my photography info here in my Behind the Scenes ~ Photography post
  • Jack Lalanne Juicer {we LOVE our juicer and have had this exact model for over a year, you can read all of our posts about juicing here}
  • Dyson Vacuum {we own this exact one, the DC25 and we ordered ours from Amazon about a year ago.  We LOVE it and yes it is all that.  I hesitated for years to spend the $$ but I am so glad we saved up and finally got it!}

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On MY list this year…

  • Bosch Mixer {I have this dream of baking bread like Jolanthe does, we’ll see!!!}
  • Rebounder {not sure which one, I am open to suggestions!}

Anything else you recommend that I might enjoy? My parents always ask and I am always at a loss since I don’t need anything!! Please leave your mommy suggestions in the comments!!!

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