Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 19 months old~

I must admit, I was a total slacker this week and didn’t even change out her toys or trays.  I also was a MAJOR slacker with pictures since my Canon 40D is off being repaired and I struggle even picking my point and shoot up to take pictures {I know, I should be thankful I even have that}.  So, here’s what I did capture of our totally non-eventful week.

Learning Toys

Her 3 “SAME AS LAST WEEK” learning toys {Pet Sounds Puzzle, Shape Sorter, Honey Bee Tree Game}, she loved her toys AGAIN this week.


Tot-Trays61Her Tot Trays stayed the same too and although she played with many of them, this was the only picture I took of her action!  She was transferring pm poms into a paint tray.IMG_6301


Life School

She still loves to read, and I often find her like this…IMG_6371

When I need to work and she is clingy, she like to sit up on my desk with me and scribble Winking smileIMG_6345

She loves her new Baby Signing Time DVDimageWe got #3 and have #2 on the way.  I don’t care for #3 as much as #1, but she seems to love it!  She goes up to the tv and signs “baby” to ask us to put it in!!!

Moms Favorite

Point and shoot camera and all, I LOVE this picture of my bug!  Check out her for-real piggy tails!!!!! IMG_6357