Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 18.5 months old~

So, not only is this post up WAY late, but I have been really off of my Tot School Momma game lately.  Especially in the photo department. But as we all know-tots are learning whether I am super intentional about it or not and certainly even if I don’t take photos!  ha ha! 

Learning Toys

Her 3  “new” {rotated} learning toys {Discovery Toys Faces, Farm Puzzle, Guidecraft Animal Sort & Match} I kept these 3 out all week and we just went to them when she wanted to and I played with her and just had fun!  She also played a lot with them on her own too. The boys enjoyed them too—added bonus!IMG_1156

We got the faces/bowls from a consignment sale and they only had a few of the beanbags included, so we don’t use them the way I think they were intended.  They are so cool though!  Sturdy enough to even stand on!IMG_1161

I love how she checked to see if her beloved seahorse would fit in the bowl!IMG_1164

 Puzzles aren’t only for completing, the pieces are certainly for stacking also…IMG_1168

Ladybug really enjoyed the magnetic board in our Animal Train game.  We worked with this a lot {review coming soon!}IMG_1233

Once again, she dug into K’s Star Boxes and REALLY enjoyed his fishing ABC game {also an amazing consignment sale find that I cannot find online, but I did find this one that is similar and made by the same company}


Yet another consignment sale find, our awesome builders and benders {which I could only find here online}IMG_1196

Drawing is still a big deal for Ladybug, she loves to scribble {something neither of my boys enjoyed so I love it}IMG_1215    


Life SchoolKnee walking is her normal mode of transportation…IMG_1297

Our new tent {THANKS NANEE} is a big hit!!!!IMG_1307


A common sight for me, Ladybug begging to be held while I am needing to do other homeschooling things with the boys… IMG_1353


Pumpkin carving with Ladybug…


Giving it love and kisses…


Amazed by the light…


Ladybug was a flower {$3 at a consignment sale too}, and enjoyed our church party!  She was precious and actually wore her suit the entire time!  IMG_2736-2


Moms Favorite

I am lovin’ her 18 month old photos 😉

 IMG_2417 IMG_2480

This Weeks Tools  

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