Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 20.5 months old~

Well, Tot School posts sure are easier to put together when I accidentally delete 3 days worth of photos, most of which were of Ladybug.  I went to edit the photos for this post and realized I deleted my card before downloading 3 days worth and I thought I already had.  I even remember the moment I hit delete, and thinking to myself that I had already saved them all.  I only found 1 day’s worth of photos, and that day I barely took any!

EDITED TO ADD…I did a quick online search for free recovery software and I found one and it worked!  So, I went back in and added the “lost” photos to the post!!!  I am honestly shocked that it was so easy!  It took about 2 hours to work through it all but it found the images!

I set out some of her rotated toys, and found her working like this on her own.  She was placing the shapes correctly in the lid on the floor.

 i00247   i00249i00252   i00256

Later that same day I was working with Krash on our ABC clothespin matching, and had the printables box next to me.  Ladybug dug into the box and found the color wheel and asked me to open it.  I never even thought to get this out for her before, but she did really well and was VERY naturally interested in it!  She brought it to me several times in the week and asked me to help her.

i00267   i00269


Her favorite of the entire week was definitely Wedgits.  She played with these for hours and hours.  I HIGHLY recommend this toy if you don’t already have it. i00277 I brought out our color squares to do some color matching with her also… i00293She is quite the stacker!i00300


We had a fun time with our Pop Beads also, although these can’t come out as much as I would like due to the teeny-tiny ones.  We usually play all together with these {me and all three kids}IMG_4691She is really into stacking, even unique items!IMG_4699


She is also still very into whatever is in Krash’s workboxes!  She goes digging quite often and loves what she finds, like this fishing ABC game {which I cannot find online}IMG_4713


Krash got an intense Bug book for Christmas {I think it is from Costco} and it has become Ladybug’s passion.  She reads it everyday and for really longs periods of time. It is full of real life {and sometimes gross} photos of bugs and all sorts of bug related things.  I can’t believe she loves this book. IMG_4749


She is also really enjoying our winter books.  I have them in all different spots in the schoolroom and she regularly explores them all!  She is my little reader-for sure!

i00195 i00192

i00201 i00197


Moms Favorite

I am so glad I was able to recover the lost photos if only for these!

i00245  IMG_4765

Her first real ponytail!!