Tot School Ideas by Ages

For years people have asked me if I had my Tot School posts sorted by ages somewhere and I have always had to say no, until now!Tot School Ideas


I finally created a page on my website, with direct links to all of my Tot School posts, organized by age!  I have only completed through 23 months but am in the process of going all the way to K’s very last Tot School posts around age 47 months. There is a link to this page from the homepage of my website and also a button in my sidebar here on the blog.  I am working on getting additional links on my sites-it’s hard to keep up!

The page looks like this, starting with my Tiny Tot posts…image


I include a few favorite Tot School toys for that specific age group in an Amazon widget too, in case you are looking for age specific toy ideas.image


Krash began “Tot School” when he was about the age Ladybug is now, so you will see double posts beginning then, like this…image


I hope this page helps many of you, I am working on the older ages and hope to have those done soon.  I will link them up at the bottom when they are complete!