Tot School ~ 21 1/2 Months

~Ladybug is currently 21.5 months old~



I tried something new this week with Ladybug.  I hid Ladybug’s rotated Tot School toys in her princess tent. She seemed to really like playing in there with her “new” toys for the week.IMG_6267

She is very into her puzzles lately and is really good at doing them!  She loves the chunky puzzles, here she is working on the farm puzzle, & stacking the pieces!

IMG_6247  IMG_6239

The pet sounds puzzle is a big hit too, she loves the sounds!IMG_6200


This week I worked on throwing with her.  She needs work on gross motor skills and her balance is a big issue.  I used a laundry basket and some soft indoor balls.  She threw them into the basket-requiring tons of balance!  Then she squatted to get them out.  She really enjoyed this game, but the balance aspect was really difficult and challenging for her {which is a GOOD thing}.IMG_6252


She continues to play with our Wedgits almost daily!IMG_6236

My mom made her these little stars {because she is obsessed with stars}, they are similar to her color squares.  She spent loads of time stuffing them into this container and then pouring them out again.

IMG_6208  IMG_6211


She still digs through K’s star boxes, really loving when these fishing ABCs are inside!  Her favorite thing is to line them up like this!!IMG_6225



She LOVES straws and LOVES this container, it’s a perfect match!  IMG_6280



I added these heart sticks  {got them at Dollar Tree last year}to our Valentine’s Day Bin and she loved them!!!  She spent loads of time practicing her beading skills.  Solid sticks like this are great for beginning beading practice {rather than a flimsy string}.IMG_6369




Krash did letter Bb for his RRSP lesson this past week and one of the new activities we did was searching through our sticker bin to find items that start with B.  Ladybug joined us and LOVED the stickers.  She had fun with them all week too, taking them on and off of the chart!  She has the b-b-b-b sound down now too!IMG_6399


Playing with Play Doh while K did his play doh letter B…IMG_6404


Practicing balance skills on our jumpy ring {this is from Target a few years back from their summer section}IMG_6450

Oh my little bookworm.  This girls LOVES books.  I never even knew a child could love books as much as she does.  The boys liked books but not like this!  Here are a few of her reading moments I captured this past week…

IMG_6295  IMG_6314

She especially loves our new Valentines Day book collection and any book featuring Lightening McQueen.

IMG_6468  IMG_6460

Once again, many reading moments take place in our awesome bean bag chairs !


Moms Favorite

These are K’s old boots, boots he was OSESSED with, now she is too!!!

IMG_6467  IMG_4992 copy 2




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