D.E.A.R. ~ Daily Reading Time

When I taught Kindergarten we had D.E.A.R. time daily, which stands for Drop Everything And Read.  It was a 15 minute period where everyone in the entire school stopped and just read. We have always done a version of this in our homeschool, but this year it has a place on the schedule at the same time daily for all 3 kiddos!

What does it look like with a tot, a Kindergartner and a 4th grader? 

Like this…


They all gather their stack of books and their bean bag chair.  The books mostly end up where they all can reach them so they can share in each others’ choices.



Sometimes they sit separately and read by themselves…IMG_2761






Sometimes they pile on one another to enjoy books together.


There are no rules about how or what to read, just that they need to be enjoying books.


It lasts for 20-30 minutes per day, right before lunch time.

Sometimes I sit with them, sometimes I am preparing lunch {depending on if it’s already fixed or not}.

I love it, they love it.

Do you do it?  What do your children think?  What does it look like at your house?