Something Special ~ Rainforest Thumbprint Art


I love thumb/finger print art so I brainstormed what to do with it for our Rainforest theme.  I decided to create a background for the kids with a few trees, and came up with a few sample ideas for Rainforest animals and created idea cards for the kids to share while creating {if you want to print these sheets, download is here}.

Rainforest Thumbprint Art   Rainforest Thumbprint Art 2 

What you need:

  • ink pads {be sure to use washable}, or even finger paint {we used both}
  • baby wipes-for messy fingers, and paper towels-just to be ready!
  • sample animals printables {or your own ideas/examples}, we have borrowed Ed Emberley’s great books from the library and really enjoyed them!
  • printable rainforest tree background {or plain paper to draw your own}
  • PATIENCE…if you include a toddler in this process.  Be sure to have additional ideas to keep him/her busy.

First I showed the kids the examples, also telling them they were free to use them or not-or alter them using their own creativity.  I gave them some scrap paper to practice a few on.


Then, I showed them the tree template and let them choose if they wanted to use it.  Krash did, Pac did not.  K began water-coloring his trees.IMG_4129

Meanwhile, scream-o tot was exploring her finger paint and screaming at me to “wipe da finder” every 2 seconds {about that time I was thinking, “why didn’t I wait until her nap time to do this?”}


PacMan proceeded to draw and paint his background and enjoy adding his rainforest animals to his scene.  IMG_4155


Just in case you think she got a grip, here’s proof… it only got worse.  I do believe she was doing some sort of yelling, crying, or all-out-screaming the entire time.IMG_4147

She stopped for a few seconds to color some trees.IMG_4157

Then decided she did indeed enjoy this {after the rest of us were all done}, and began to go to the complete opposite extreme-painting herself!IMG_4173

I had walked away to clean up a bit and came back to this.  Just seconds before this, she was freaking out about it being on her finger a tiny bit.  Here’s a video I took of her silly drama!


The next day, after the paint had dried, Krash illustrated the drawing portion of his thumbprint animals {butterflies and a parrot}.


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