Monster Fun Sensory & Imagination Bin

In honor of our Monster theme, I made the them a Monster Sensory Bin

I decided to go for a create-a-monster approach to encourage their imagination while they play.

I gathered anything I thought would help them create cute monsters like this one…IMG_5124
I put a basket of Monster books next to the bin too…IMG_5108
Krash walked into the schoolroom and immediately said, “oh man, where’s the fall bin, I like that on better.”  Yup, he’s our Mr. Negative.  I “ignored” him and began playing with Ladybug creating monsters, soon he was involved and said, “oh man, this is awesome, thanks mom!”  Silly boy.
Ladybug went right at it and had a blast creating monsters…

IMG_5123 IMG_5135
The ping pong balls were “cheeks” according to her!
IMG_5171 IMG_5174 

Krash was way more interested in the little white tubes {I wish I knew where these were from-someone gave us a big ol’ bag of them a long time ago}.  He used them to make patterns…IMG_5127
He remembered an old Minute to Win It game and got a craft stick and began to challenge himself!IMG_5131
He made numerous towers, with and without PacMan…

IMG_5139 IMG_5164 IMG_5167  IMG_5177 IMG_5181

Even PacMan got in on the creating fun…IMG_5143 
After playing for awhile, I took a quick video of the kids to share with you.  As you will see, they were all engaged with the bin in different ways.  They had been playing for at least 15-20 minutes prior to the video and then continued to play way beyond the video.

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