You Can Read Download Bundle is ready!


If you have already paid for access to the You Can Read Ad-Free/Bonus section, you now have access to the You Can Read Download Bundle too!  There is NO extra charge-the link to the bundle has just been added to the top of the page!

For those of you who do not have access to this section yet, now is the perfect time-the entire You Can Read program is done and filled with bonus materials {details below}.  There are 2 download links now available, one containing all 18 base lessons {plus color and number words}, and one link for all of the extra bonus materials.  For $10 you can have unlimited access to all of this.  All individual lessons are also linked up below the bundle download, so you can always come back if you need something.  The download links I offer never expire, you just have to save the link and the password! 

If you are unfamiliar with the You Can Read program, you can read tons of details here in my introduction post.

One thing I changed for the bundle was the removal of the “instructions” within each set-to create smaller files.  I put these together in one file called “Details and Links” within the YCR Extras folder.  I also added a helpful links page, so be sure to take a peek if you download the bundle.


~ Bonus Materials ~

The following bonus materials are included in the You Can Read “Extras” Download Bundle.

Sight Word Graphing ~ One die for each unit, we print on cardstock and use dot paint to mark our graph.  This is K’s new favorite!IMG_4335

You Can Read Sight Words 4  You Can Read Sight Words Graphing 1

I also added in a blank set so you can write your own words to work on trouble words specifically for review.

 You Can Read Sight Words Graphing 2  You Can Read Sight Words Graphing

Sight Word Search ~ I got this fabulous idea from Stephanie {Shining Our Lights Preschool}. You can see how we use these on her blog here!  I store my little laminated cut up words in this so I can find them easily to create a new “search.”image

You Can Read Sight Word Search  You Can Read Sight Word Search2

Box Handwriting ~ Boxes can sometimes help a child who is more visual.  The boxes emphasize the “size” of the letters when written properly and for some kids this can be very helpful.imageYou Can Read Sight Words Box Words Handwriting

Unit Review BINGO ~ Every 4 units there is a larger review BINGO game.  Krash really enjoys this and it makes the BINGO game last much longer!imageYou Can Read Sight Words Unit Review BINGO2

Assessments ~ There is a reading words assessment every 4 lessons, as well as a writing words assessment.  I also include detailed instructions if you are unfamiliar with these types of assessments.

image  imageYou Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment2You Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment5

You Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment1a You Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment3 You Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment4

Stamp a Word ~ We use both our Melissa and Doug wooden stamps and our see-through stamps with these.IMG_4109You Can Read Stamp a Word

Any bonus materials I add will be included on the same page. I do still have some ideas I hope to make a reality!  It truly is a one-time fee for the entire You Can Read program.  I still offer the base units for FREE after I post them on my blog in my Kindergarten with Krash series.  He is on unit 9 right now, so we are about half way through!

You can purchase access to the You Can Read Bundle Download here!