Tot School ~ Letter Ss

~Ladybug is currently 29.5 months old~



Tot School Printables S is for Star

Letter: Ss

Object: Star

Vocabulary Development Theme: Outer Space

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Here’s a peek at some of the Letter Ss activities she wanted to do {and I managed to snap photos of}.

Dot painting her letters… IMG_4471

After dot painting, she chose to draw, a daily activity for her now.  She has been making little jellyfish-looking people lately!IMG_4474

She wanted me to cut out her S pictures so she could glue them on her paper.  After she did this, she colored every single thing!IMG_4562

My girl can write an S better than her brothers! Ha ha!  Her fine motor skills never cease to AMAZE me, neither boy ever did anything like this!IMG_4567

Tracing like a pro!IMG_4569


Here she was coloring her stars and also telling me “no picher”  I take her picture anyway, mostly because I love these faces!

IMG_4678  IMG_4682


Letter Ss printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter S

 Tot-Trays262222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[2]

I didn’t expand her theme onto shelves this week, I needed a theme break. I did pull out a few apple things, but that’s it!

On her shelves…


We have a second set of shelves that I rotate toys onto for school time.  Usually these toys are more geared towards the boys, but sometimes they overlap, like this week.  All three kids are free to go and use these toys/materials during school and free time.  When my tots were smaller, I would put certain “Tot School” toys up and out of sight when it wasn’t school time, but now they can all handle it and like having access.  So, for now it works for us this way!


Most played with toy of the weekIMG_4424

The girl LOVED the animal train set.  It came out every day and she just loved it.  We matched up the cards a few times together but mostly she enjoyed playing with them on her own, both on the floor and on the magnetic board it comes with.

IMG_4643  IMG_4429

The following toys were also chosen a lot this week, just not quite as much as the animal train!

I love this toy, and it was given to us so long ago!

IMG_4436  IMG_4437

Poking pick up sticks into and empty cleaning wipes container…IMG_4446

Wooden Noah’s ArkIMG_4465

Foam blocks {another daily favorite}IMG_4460

“Picking” Apples ~ in the photo she is using mini tongs I got at a kitchen store in an outlet mall, but we do have these too.IMG_4625

Nesting CylindersIMG_4636

Sorting bears into colored cupsIMG_4644

Matching letters

IMG_4710  IMG_4713


Techy Tot

Ladybug still loves the iPad, I just usually forget to share what she’s been up to on it!  I did snap a photo this week, which has reminded me to share her recent favorites! In this photo she is playing one of her very favorites, Tozzle.  She has also spent lots of time playing Monkey Preschool.




Mostly this week, she colored Name pages, just printed from a Google search of Nemo Coloring.  I think I counted at least 9 total.  On one near the end of the week, she “wrote” her name.  I was sitting and working while she was coloring and I heard her saying the letters in her name out loud and I glanced over and she was writing letters that looked similar to the letters in her name!  I was shocked!IMG_4655


My favorite was a toss up this week.  I adore this one I snapped one night of my man reading to my babies…IMG_4490

I also adore these of my little girl talking on the phone to her Baba, my Daddy!

IMG_4716  IMG_4718