Tot School Printables A to Z

Tot School Printables A-Z


The Tot School Printables A to Z Bundle is now available! See details here!

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It has been a few years since we used Tot School Printables when Ladybug was around 2 years old. It was such a fun time, one of my favorite programs.  Tot School Printables Tot School Printables isn’t just a printable program, it encourages you to dive into a particular theme with each unit, and develop vocabulary along the way.  Exposing basic early learning skills happens all while you are just having fun!

If you have a tot around the age of 2 or 3, and are looking for some direction, this might be for you!  My daughter was 23 months old when we began, and she begged for table work.  You can read my post, Following the Lead of the Child, to see how difficult this was for me as an early childhood educator to accept. We had a fabulous time using this program and it really helped me stay on track and have fun activities to expose her to every week!

This is a FREE printable program, you can download the lessons on the Tot School Printables webpages.  Below you can see all of our posts A-Z linked up, and get a feel for how we did things.

Tot School Printables A is for Apple   Tot School Printables B is for Ball

Tot School Printables C is for Cat   Tot School Printables D is for Duck

Tot School Printables E is for Egg   Tot School Printables F is for Foot

Tot School Printables G is for Goat   Tot School Printables H is for Hammer

Tot School Printables I is for Igloo   Tot School Printables J is for Jellyfish

Tot School Printables K is for Key   Tot School Printables L is for Leaf

Tot School Printables M is for Mouse   Tot School Printables N is for Net

Tot School Printables O is for Ostrich   Tot School Printables P is for Pencil

Tot School Printables Q is for Queen   Tot School Printables R is for Rainforest

Tot School Printables S is for Star   Tot School Printables T is for Train

Tot School Printables U is for Umbrella   Tot School Printables V is for Volcano

Tot School Printables W is for Window   Tot School Printables X is for Xylophone

Tot School Printables Y is for Yo Yo   Tot School Printables Z is for Zipper

Download the flashcards all in one set!

Tot School Printables Alphabet Flashcards


I also began a Pinterest board featuring these posts and others from bloggers who also used {or are using} Tot School Printables! If you are a blogger who has blogged about Tot School Printables and would like to pin to this board, just leave a comment or email me with a link to one of your posts and your Pinterest link so I can invite you!

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Tot School ~ Letter Zz

~Ladybug is currently 32 months old~



Tot School Printables Z is for Zipper

Letter: Zz

Object: zipper

Vocabulary Development Theme: clothing

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

This was our very last Tot School Printables unit, I can’t believe it!  She began at 22 months and we made it through in just under 10 months.  It truly was the perfect fit for her and she is now ready to move on.  You can see her upcoming plans here if you haven’t read that post yet.

I tried to capture many final TSP moments this week!  One new thing that I wish I would have thought of earlier was creating a Letter of the Week notebook for her,  She loves her Tot Time Notebook, so I tried the method out for her letter Zz work this week and she LOVED it!!!  It also kept me more organized!

IMG_7983  IMG_7989

I made her a special bucket with her click markers and eraser so she could easily choose while she worked.IMG_7991

IMG_7993  IMG_7997IMG_8305

Some of the papers were in the sheet protectors but we pulled them out so she could color on them.‘   IMG_7998We made play dough letters on the cover of the notebook, where I slipped the letter Zz title page.IMG_8137

Coloring and dot painting

IMG_8269  IMG_8273

Letter Zz printables here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter Z


We had a fun Christmas week.  I bribed her with a jelly bean to get her to smile while wearing the Santa hat.


The Play Dough Box is the biggest hit around here, it is played with daily.  Ladybug now creates on her own and comes up with some adorable creatures.

IMG_8126 IMG_8131

Here is one of her snowmen, complete with body parts compliments of Zoobs.IMG_8134

Here’s another snowman I caught her working on.  When I came back a few minutes later he was sudden;y an angry snowman!

IMG_8321  IMG_8327

Craft time for Truth in the Tinsel is still much fun for her, she likes participating.  Painting Bethlehem {the hands helping her are not my husband’s, remember her beloved boyfriend?  He is back for a visit and she is in heaven!}…IMG_8191

Working on baby Jesus in the manger {we modified the craft from the book}…

IMG_8274 IMG_8279

Her Christmas Fun Notebook gets a multiple daily workout!  Here you can see her working on a tree coloring page, and a Santa Maze!  I have added all sorts of pages, all pinned here!

IMG_8217 IMG_8221

Very proud of her colored babies.




Learning-Toys_thumb2Lots of foam block building…IMG_8090

Zoobs fun…IMG_8103

Sitting in a bucket throwing and catching with me…

IMG_8147  IMG_8148

Working in her “favorite characters” notebook.  She begs for coloring sheets so I printed one of each for all of her favs {Mickey, Chuggington, Handy Manny, etc.} and made a notebook similar to the Tot Time Notebook.  She LOVES it!  Now I don’t have to print and print and print!IMG_8187

Spin art fun…IMG_8174

Boca Beth fun with the egg shaker of course!IMG_8222

Moms Favorite

Working on her family drawing, which turned out to be her first complete family drawing.  She told me who everybody was and it is awesome!  Definitely a KEEPER!IMG_8000


Tot School ~ Letter Yy

~Ladybug is currently 31.5 months old~



Tot School Printables Y is for Yo Yo

Letter: Yy

Object: Yo-yo

Vocabulary Development Theme: Toys

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

We are almost done, only letter Zz and our Tot School Printables units are complete!  Sadly, I only remembered to take photos of her Yy work on one day this past week!  She did a lot more, but this is all I have to show for it!



Letter Yy printables here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter Y


We had a low key Christmas week.  Compared to our intense Christmas fun last year, this week was mostly a bunch of nothing!  We had a few issues in ministry come up that needed our attention and we adjusted. The main issue occurred on Sunday night last week which is my main planning night and it just threw the whole week off.  Hopefully next week will be filled with Christmas learning fun all week long!

She LOVED the Story props for the book, One Baby Jesus.IMG_7802

Her Christmas Fun Notebook gets a multiple daily workout…IMG_7720


She matched cookiesIMG_7941

Craft time for Truth in the Tinsel is fun for her, she likes it most when it’s all done and she can hold it.  Here’s Mary…IMG_7732

Here she was helping make the cd ornament to represent Mary’s song…IMG_7820

tub of funOur Christmas Sensory Bin is a daily hit with Ladybug…

IMG_7840  IMG_7826

Learning ToysShe loves PacMan’s Glow Station board,


we played for a long time together in the dark!  Here’s one of her faces…IMG_7778

Techy TotOur iPad is BACK from the repair shop!  I got a snazzy new case to protect it and we all love it so far.  Ladybug is loving our new Hair Salon Santa gameIMG_7743

She also enjoys the trial version of Space Boards.  These apps are so neat, but SO expensive, the boards in the free trial are enough for now!IMG_7816


Tot School ~ Letter Xx

~Ladybug is currently 31.5 months old~



Tot School Printables X is for Xylophone

Letter: Xx

Object: Xylophone

Vocabulary Development Theme: Instruments

Tot Book Extension: Little Einsteins

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I can’t believe we are so close to the end of Tot School Printables!  It is coming at a perfect time.  She still likes them, but not as much as she did in the beginning.  She is ready for something new.  We will be completing the units before the new year and starting something fresh in January when we return from Christmas break! I will be writing a post soon to share what my plans are, I just haven’t had the time yet!

We made play dough letters…IMG_7527

Coloring xylophones…IMG_7531

Putting stickers on the dot-paint sheet…IMG_7646

Letter Xx printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter X

The theme of instruments made me think of one of Ladybug’s favorite shows, Little Einsteins.  I created some extra activities for her, which as you will see she LOVED! Download the Little Einsteins Tot Book for free here!

Little Einsteins Tot Book

She loved the mini book!IMG_7534

We slipped the dot paint sheets into sheet protectors and she squished play dough balls on the dots.IMG_7564

Then she asked to write their names.  Her tracing seriously amazes me.  Her simple desire to trace amazes me to be honest!IMG_7570

We made the shapes with dough too…IMG_7574

Then she dot painted a few of them…IMG_7576

We used dot stickers on some too!IMG_7580

She worked on her rocket colors book over a period of several days.  The other printables also came out numerous times!IMG_7642

Tot-Trays26222222222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[2]

I remembered to take a photo of her shelves this week!  Nothing too great, but here they are……IMG_7512

Didn’t take many action shots, but got this one of her stringing her beads!IMG_7653

She loves that Laura Carrot sings.  This is the same manger in the book, The Stable that Bob Built-which she is loving right now!IMG_7710

The instrument box was a hit!  One day we turned on our Laurie Berkner DVD for some movement!  She was shaking her Boca Beth Egg Shakers to the music!IMG_7655

Her Tot Time Notebook {which has only ABC sheets in it right now} gets filled in almost daily-she gravitates towards it on her own and will often sit and work through every single page!IMG_7515

The new Play Dough Box has been a HUGE hit.  She has asked for it daily, almost to an excessive point!IMG_7557

We have been reading a few gingerbread books and there are gingerbread cutters in the box…which has provided TONS of fun for her and the boys!IMG_7694

Moms-Favorite_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[1]One night when the boys were at church with Daddy, she begged me to do another Truth in the Tinsel bag.  Instead, we painted another crown craft, and then she didn’t want to stop, so we kept on painting!IMG_7590…and painting…IMG_7595

…and painting!IMG_7601

After a few normal painted sheets, she decided to turn it into finger paint {with my approval}…IMG_7603

IMG_7613She LOVED it!  IMG_7634

Remember last time she painted and painted her arms?  She was starting to do it again and I decided to put the limit on her this time and said just her hands.IMG_7627This was her sorrowful response.  The girl does not like to be told NO!  She listened though, very sadly {and a bit loudly}.IMG_7639

We had such a fun time together, since it was mostly giggles and smiles!  The tears only lasted a few minutes!


Tot School ~ Letter Ww and Thanksgiving Fun

~Ladybug is currently 31 months old~



Tot School Printables W is for Window

Letter: Ww

Object: Window

Vocabulary Development Theme: In My House

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I do believe every photo is of Ladybug in her jammies.  We like it that way around here, especially in the winter when her footie pajamas are so stinking cute!  Daddy is in charge of dressing her each morning and he has been leaving her jammies on lately simply because he thinks they are way too cute to take off.

We often think her Medusa bed-head is cute too and will leave her hair all messed up for the morning too. Here she was sporting her fancy hair and jammies while tracing her W in her dry erase center, with her fancy new click Expo marker, which she LOVES.IMG_6979

Coloring W words…IMG_6981

Coloring windows with me…IMG_6983

Dot painting her letters,IMG_7024

We did a lot more, I was just VERY slack with the camera!

Letter Ww printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter W


Tot-Trays2622222222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[2]

She had Thanksgiving shelves this week, combined with a few random learning toys.  I forgot to take a photo of the shelf set up and didn’t get many action shots of her playing, again this week!  Here’s what I did capture…

Beginner Patter Block PuzzlesIMG_6569

Shape SortingIMG_6576

Puffy sticker pile, thanks Nanee and Baba for the fun stickers that kept her entertained for days!IMG_6557


Turkey drawing.  The girl knocked my socks off with this one.  Neither of my boys were early drawers, so I am loving this!  Info about the drawing page and others like it is here on my Facebook page too! IMG_6917

We LOVED the I Know an Old Lady printables we used!  IMG_6919

I printed the magnets and we used our cookie sheet along with our storytelling.  Ladybug really enjoyed this.  Here we were reading the “10 layer cake” part, Pac had a hold of my camera while I was teaching the littles!IMG_6929

Turkey feathers, turkey feathers, brightly colored, brightly colored…by far her favorite Thanksgiving activity!!!IMG_6936

She also liked the other turkey songs too, personally I love her hair-do.IMG_6945

Counting the turkeys…IMG_6948

The play dough mats came in a close second for most played with activity of the week.IMG_6972IMG_6975

Here, her beloved Boca puppet is helping her color a Mayflower coloring page we got online.IMG_7031


Bundled up cutie pie…IMG_6798