Tot School ~ Letter Ww and Thanksgiving Fun

~Ladybug is currently 31 months old~



Tot School Printables W is for Window

Letter: Ww

Object: Window

Vocabulary Development Theme: In My House

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I do believe every photo is of Ladybug in her jammies.  We like it that way around here, especially in the winter when her footie pajamas are so stinking cute!  Daddy is in charge of dressing her each morning and he has been leaving her jammies on lately simply because he thinks they are way too cute to take off.

We often think her Medusa bed-head is cute too and will leave her hair all messed up for the morning too. Here she was sporting her fancy hair and jammies while tracing her W in her dry erase center, with her fancy new click Expo marker, which she LOVES.IMG_6979

Coloring W words…IMG_6981

Coloring windows with me…IMG_6983

Dot painting her letters,IMG_7024

We did a lot more, I was just VERY slack with the camera!

Letter Ww printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter W


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She had Thanksgiving shelves this week, combined with a few random learning toys.  I forgot to take a photo of the shelf set up and didn’t get many action shots of her playing, again this week!  Here’s what I did capture…

Beginner Patter Block PuzzlesIMG_6569

Shape SortingIMG_6576

Puffy sticker pile, thanks Nanee and Baba for the fun stickers that kept her entertained for days!IMG_6557


Turkey drawing.  The girl knocked my socks off with this one.  Neither of my boys were early drawers, so I am loving this!  Info about the drawing page and others like it is here on my Facebook page too! IMG_6917

We LOVED the I Know an Old Lady printables we used!  IMG_6919

I printed the magnets and we used our cookie sheet along with our storytelling.  Ladybug really enjoyed this.  Here we were reading the “10 layer cake” part, Pac had a hold of my camera while I was teaching the littles!IMG_6929

Turkey feathers, turkey feathers, brightly colored, brightly colored…by far her favorite Thanksgiving activity!!!IMG_6936

She also liked the other turkey songs too, personally I love her hair-do.IMG_6945

Counting the turkeys…IMG_6948

The play dough mats came in a close second for most played with activity of the week.IMG_6972IMG_6975

Here, her beloved Boca puppet is helping her color a Mayflower coloring page we got online.IMG_7031


Bundled up cutie pie…IMG_6798