All About Reading Level 1 ~ On Sale!


I am so excited to share the news with you!  All About Reading Level 1 is ready for purchase AND they are offering 10% off this week only for the launch! 

I was blessed to receive the Level 1 Kit {shown in the photo above} to review and have just begun using it with Krash! We were also sent the Deluxe Reading Interactive Kit and love it all! 


I am busy preparing it all and so far I LOVE what I have seen.  Seems to be the perfect combination of phonics, vocabulary, fluency, & comprehension.  I believe ALL are important.  You also know I believe sight words are an important part of learning to read and I just love what AAR has done with the teaching of sight words.  The words that cannot be sounded out have a little “bad guy” printed on them with a sign that says “Rule Breaker” ~ how cute is that?  It reminds the student that some words don’t follow the rules we learn and need to be memorized by sight from the very beginning.  The first Rule Breaker word is “the” and appears in lesson 3. 

Krash and I have completed 1 lesson so far and it was exactly the type of thing I was looking for {even though I didn’t even really know I was looking}.  He needs some extra hands on work and some phonological awareness work {auditory/verbal} with sounds.  He is flying through sight words with You Can Read and doing well with phonics, but this is just the perfect addition for him.

Here is a peek at our set-up.  This photo was snapped in the middle of our first lesson, Krash had to remove himself for a potty break!IMG_7520

I will also be starting All About Reading Level Pre-1 with Ladybug in January-more details to come on that too! 

Wondering if YOUR child is ready to learn to read?   Read this article,

Checklist: Is Your Child Ready to Learn to Read?

for some wonderful information!


All About Reading is offering a 10% discount to all of you from November 29th {today} through December 6th, in honor of the launch of All About Reading Level 1! You will also receive a free 10$ gift with your order if you order this week! {No coupon or code needed}.