All About Reading Pre-Reading Review

All About Reading Level Pre-Reading Review

We have used All About Reading for many years so it was an obvious choice when I began teaching young children again this past fall. These are not my kids, they are the kids of a great friend of mine who has allowed me to share their journey with you. I teach them two days a week for 3 hours a day, you can see all of my posts featuring their learning time with me by clicking here! In this post I will share much more about All About Reading Level Pre-reading with you, so you can decide if it is a good fit for your young learner. This is not a sponsored post, however, affiliate links are used.

When to Begin All About Reading?

If you are wondering where your child falls on the “reading readiness” spectrum, download the All About Reading Pre-reading Readiness Checklist here. If you think your child might be beyond that, you can find the Level 1 Readiness Checklist here. This is a simple way to assess where your child needs to start.


What Will My Child Learn?

All About Reading Pre-reading program is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are ready to learn five very important pre-reading skills. These skills lay the foundation for learning to read. If you are unfamiliar with the Big Five Skills, click on the links to read detailed posts about each!


A Peek Inside…

One of my favorite features is the teacher guide, The lessons are scripted, making it very easy for you to follow. This is especially wonderful for someone who isn’t confident teaching young kids, the scripts tell you exactly what to say and do.

Through fun crafts, activities, and stories, your child will learn to identify capital and lowercase letters. Teaching the alphabet is very important and All About Reading makes it simple and fun! See many free printables and games here to help teach the alphabet!


Rhyming is a huge part of phonological awareness and you will find MANY fun games included to help your child master rhyming. One of my favorite games is called Get out of the Wagon, which you can actually download for FREE here!


Counting syllables in a word is another important skill. You can see my students sorting words by syllables below!


The progression through pre-reading skills is laid out for you as your child begins to identify sounds heard in words. Beginning sounds, ending sounds, and eventually blending sounds orally to make words. There are so many hands-on activities included to make this fun for your young child.

There are a total of 78 Lessons. Uppercase letters are the focus of the first 26 lessons, then come the lowercase letters. The final 26 lessons focus on sounds. The Big Five skills mentioned earlier in this post are added into each lesson in many different ways.



Ziggy is a HUGE hit with kids. He’s a simple zebra puppet who participates in the lessons! I highly recommend getting the kit that includes Ziggy. Another option is to use a stuffed animal or puppet you have already. The addition of the “friend” is often helpful for young kids.


You can download a sample PDF of the teacher’s guide to see how it is all laid out for you. Scroll down on this page until you see the section with the samples! You’ll also find samples of the student books also so you can take a peek.



Letter A Learning in Action

I am teaching young children again! Not my own children this time, but the children of a very good friend. See our original post about this new adventure here. Each week I plan to share our plans, which I did for week 1 here, and I also plan to share after our week is done so you can see my students in action!

I am excited to share all about our first week together, with a focus on the LETTER A! In addition to a letter focus each week I am using All About Reading Pre-Reading with them. Since I only have my students two days a week, we cram a lot into a short time! I also provide their parents with activities to do at home also.

All About Reading Lessons

This past week we enjoyed lessons 1-5 in AAR Pre-Reading. I am not doing the letter crafts from AAR in the order of the lessons, but am going to use those with our letter of the week focus. We are moving quickly through the activities that focus on other pre-reading skills and right now the emphasis is RHYMING! The kids loved all of the fun games and Ziggy the Zebra! We also completed the A is for Alligator craft page!

One of our weekly activities is a freebie from All About Reading called “Feed the Puppy.”  With this fun, hands-on activity, they will work on identifying upper and lowercase letters. Each week I will go through the cards with them and they can only feed the puppy the letters they can identify, which is highly motivating to them since they want the puppy to get lots of bones! Highly recommend this activity if you have kids working on letter identification.


Letter A Fun

We enjoyed several different activities, most from my site! I will link everything we used below!

Everything shown in this collage is included with our Ultimate Kindergarten @ Home Membership – which is the best way to get your hands on everything we offer, see the cost savings here!

Below you can see AK and Ki doing the following activities {clockwise from top left}:

Activities we did that aren’t pictured:


I also really love the Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle from Crafty Classroom! The kids enjoyed the following activities this week:

  • Listening Skills
  • Letter Path Trace
  • Cuisenaire Letters


Raising Lil Rock Stars Letter A

I didn’t get any action shots, but we enjoyed the verse bracelets, and tracing pages this week in addition to the items on the display board!


Letter A Toys & Puzzles

I love setting up fun letter displays and playing with the items. See more ideas here! Here’s our Letter A set-up:

Some of the items pictured below, see even more alphabet toy ideas here!



Letter A Books

We read tons of books featuring the Letter A! See all of our Letter A book ideas here!

Fun and Free ABC Printables

Fun and Free ABC Printables from All About Learning Press

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We have used and loved All About Reading for years. Did you know that All About Learning Press has a fabulous blog and TONS of free printables?  I have gathered a few of my favorite ABC printables for you in this post to help you find them easily on their amazing blog.

Click on each graphic to see each blog post which not only shares the free printable, but also shows it in action and gives you ideas!


Printable ABC Bracelets



Printable ABC Caterpillar



Printable ABC Playdough Mats



Printable Block Building ABC Patterns



If you are thinking of using All About Reading and aren’t sure which level to use, these placement tests are very helpful!

AAR Placement Tests


You can see all of our posts sharing All About Reading here!

How We Organize All About Reading

Organizing All About Reading Curriculum

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It’s no secret that we are big fans of All About Reading and All About Spelling.  Last week I began organizing Level 2 for my daughter and shared this on Instagram

Organizing All About Reading -7001

I was in the middle of getting it all ready and snapped a photo and shared.  As you can see on Instagram, there were a few questions about my method so I decided to make a quick video and blog post for them and for you!

Our method is very simple and stems from the method we used to use which I share here.  Same idea, I just now use a notebook instead of file folders. My life is all about notebooks these days, so it just fits better for me during this season of life.

Minutes into my organization session my daughter found me and begged to peek in the new books.  She is almost done with Level 1 and was so excited to see the Level 2 books sitting out!

Organizing All About Reading -7010

Here’s the video I made to walk you through our notebook!

She will be using All About Spelling Level 1 in the fall also!  We will probably begin All About Reading Level 2 as soon as she finishes Level 1 so there isn’t a big gap.  I normally school my younger learners through the summer as they are learning to read, even just a little bit each day.

Looking for more info about All About Reading or Spelling? 

Here’s some posts I have written…

Helpful articles from the All About Learning Press site…


Reviews on other blogs {friends of mine}

Each month the All About Learning blog holds a giveaway!  Be sure to enter to win!

All About Reading Giveaway

All About Reading Giveaway

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I am thrilled to host a giveaway for All About Reading!  You choose the level if you win! 

You can read my recent review of All About Reading Level 2 here…

All About Reading Level 2 Review

If you are the winner, you may choose from any available All About Reading Level…


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You will also receive the Deluxe Interactive Kit along with level 1, 2, or 3. {Pre 1 is already a deluxe package}

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