My SquareTrade Warranty Experience

I got an iPad 2 last spring. We play loads of educational apps on it.  It is a well-loved gadget around here.


I thought the warranty that the store offered was a bit not-so-good, so I decided to shop around.  Almost bought Apple Care-possibly would have been fine, BUT ended up going with SquareTrade and am so happy I did!

Simple process…

  1. Purchase 3 year warranty for iPad 2, only warranty that I found that covers EVERYTHING.  I bought my iPad 2 on 5/25 and then purchased my warranty on 6/6.  You have 90 days from the purchase price.
  2. Scan and email copy of my original receipt…they keep it on file in case I lose it.
  3. Wait for iPad 2 to break, HIGHLY possible with 3 young kids who love it.
  4. Fast forward  several months – iPad 2 screen cracks when dropped.  Woops.
  5. File warranty claim, receive email from Square Trade within hours. Very fast.  They tell me it can be repaired and they will send me supplies to ship it to them.
  6. Fed Ex 2 Day Air Box is Fed Ex’d to me, with simple instructions on how to prepare and send my iPad to them to be fixed.
  7. I dilly-dally and don’t send it off right away since the iPad was still working and I love it and just couldn’t part with it.  Finally I did.
  8. Wednesday evening 6:30pm before Thanksgiving, I put it in Fed Ex drop box that has no holiday or weekend pickup.  I close the door and see that they cancelled Friday pick up too…Poor iPad locked away in the drop box until the following MONDAY.  BOO.
  9. But—I get an email from Square Trade ON MONDAY saying they received my package-wow!  Must have went out before Monday, huh?!
  10. Later that day I get an email with an update, and I log on to see a report of the status, here’s a screenshot…image
  11. 11/30/11…I get an email from “Encore Repair Services” with no reference to SquareTrade or my iPad, saying a package has been sent Fed Ex to me and should arrive on or before 12/2 by 7pm.  I assume this is my iPad but am not sure at first.  Log onto SquareTrade to check but don’t see a shipment update. Later that evening I get the email from SquareTrade verifying that it was indeed, MY iPad en route to ME! Yippee!
  12. 12/2/11… Fed Ex delivers the iPad safe and sound to a very happy owner around 11:30am.
  13. I don’t let my children touch it until the next day when our new case {info below} arrives to protect it better than my last case {big mistake getting a pretty-mommy-case instead of one that could actually help protect it from 3 kids!}

So, as you can see the process, was easy and painless and I am VERY pleased with my SquareTrade service and will be buying warranties from them in the future. I was hoping I would never need to use the warranty I purchased but am thankful I did now so that I can share with all of you exactly how the process worked for me.  I tried to find first hand reviews {not tech reviews} and struggled, so now you all have an honest review from someone you “know”. 

If you are looking to purchase a SquareTrade warranty, you can do so through my link below and yes I will get an affiliate kick-back, thanks!!  Gotta love when a company you love has an affiliate program!

Oh, and the new case I decided on…the Trident Kraken II.  I bought it on Amazon, it sometimes says “out of stock” in the main section, but under the “buy it new” section, you can get one cheaper and just pay the shipping, which for me worked out to be just $39.48.  We are all very pleased with this case.  It isn’t what I would choose if it were just for me, but since I share the iPad with 3 kids, this is the best option!  It encases the entire iPad with silicone and then with the hard blue case. 


PS-SquareTrade sells warranties for just about anything electronic, not just iPads!