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Trace LettersThese letter tracing printables have been available for some time now but I have been asked to bundle them up for easy access and I finally finished!  The new Let’s Trace Letters bundle is available in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop for $1.25!  It includes a full page of prep {focusing on strokes}, and a full page to practice each letter.  I use the green dot {GO}, red star {STOP} method which worked well with Krash.

Getting Ready for Letter A Tracing Letter A

If you can’t afford or aren’t interested in purchasing the bundle above, you can get all of these printables for FREE!!!!  Here’s how!  Go to the main RRSP page and scroll down until you see this…


Click on the letter you want and it will bring you to the resource page for that letter.  Scroll down until you see the cover verse page and click on that image to download the entire unit, in it you will find the letter prep and tracing for that letter!  It takes a bit more time but it’s free!


The only item that you can’t get for free are the flashcards.  These are from the RRSP Bundle, and were added to the Let’s Trace Letters bundle as a special bonus! Tracing Flashcards

Also in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop…


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