Tot School ~ Happy 3rd Birthday!

~Ladybug is currently 36 months old~


We had Letter I for iguana out and she did a little bit of it, BUT with the very off week we had, she didn’t get to do much, so we will do I again next week.  One thing she loved was cutting up play doh food,IMG_4916

for her iguana…IMG_4921

Ladybug turned three this week, which is part of the reason we had an off week.  Both sets of grandparents drove up for her birthday and we also got our new kitten the day before her birthday!  Quite a fun few days for all of us!

She chose a Captain Barnacles cake {she loves Octonauts}, the grandmas made it together for her!  She was VERY impressed!!!

IMG_5372  IMG_5392

She was blessed with many gifts she loves, including some My Little Pony things, a purple ladybug Pillow Pet, and more.  Her favorite seems to be her new Princess light up Scooter!IMG_5362


She loves Mr Crunch.  I love that it works her little fine motor muscles so well!IMG_4963

She made a vacuum cleaner out of Magneatos, I sure wish it actually worked!IMG_4948

We added some cut up straws to our play doh play, she loved this!IMG_4946

I showed her how you could squeeze the dough out of the straw, more good small muscle work!IMG_4928


She is in LOVE with the new Easy Readers for our iPad, here she was reading Octonauts to Daddy.


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