Moments to Remember

Moments to remember


Moments to Remember was developed as a simple way to look back on our week as homeschoolers and find photos that encompass the memories we want to remember.
The week may have been tough, there may have been more bumps than smiles, but in the end these are the moments that keep us going, the ones we need to remember.

These two had a blast sharing the Mr. Crunch for over 30 minutes together.  They play so well together once I get them going and it is just the 2 of them.


We had the JOY of going to the aquarium this past week with some friends on their membership!  This was Ladybugs first time and she loved it!

IMG_5022 IMG_5051 IMG_5086

IMG_5091  IMG_5079


The grand finale of our moments to remember happened just yesterday with the arrival of our new furrball! IMG_5126

Daddy led the way to our family getting a new kitten, one that is chubby, furry, and healthy.  We all miss our little Izzy so badly, especially me.  Already this new kitten is healing some of the pain.  Pain from losing our doggie and our Izzy kitty.


The kids are in awe with how much a normal, healthy kitten PLAYS!  Izzy was so tiny and sick, they had no clue that a healthy kitten did so much!  Plus this one is MUCH bigger with a touch of Maine Coon in him/her{we don’t know for sure yet}.  No name yet, we are waiting until we go to the vet Monday and find out if it is a boy or a girl!IMG_5148

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