Jesse Tree Ornaments

I have been busy printing my Jesse Tree Calendar cards and getting things ready to begin with my kids today {we are starting tonight} and getting my Jesse Tree eBook ready on my iPad so I can easily access it throughout the month,  This year I didn’t even print the info cards, I am just using the images and using the eBook to read the facts from, which also has my Bible so I can jump to the scripture references easily also!

Yesterday a reader sent me a really sweet thank you email and also shared a photo of her mini ornaments that she made from cutting out the images from the cards!  I thought this was a fabulous and simple to create idea so I made a set of ornaments in case any of you feel like printing quickly to begin tonight {or start when you can and add the ones you missed {since today is Dec. 1}. I am printing and laminating my own right now!

Jesse Tree Ornaments

I am going to offer these for free here in this post this year and next year they will be a part of the eBook bundle for sale, so be sure to download them if you think you might want them even for next year!

Download Jesse Tree Ornaments here!

In case you missed the Jesse Tree Calendar Connections and eBook, click the buttons below to grab those too!

Jesse Tree Calendar Connections The Jesse Tree eBook

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Hope that helps clear up any confusion!