Let’s Explore The Arctic & Antarctica eBook

Let's Explore The Arctic and Antarctica eBook

Our Let’s Explore ebooks take the awesome Calendar Connections themes that Shannon has developed, and turns them into full size files to be used as eBooks. You can read them on your computer, your iPad, or any device that supports PDF files. Yes, you can even print them full size! Remember, I have a tutorial for using these on your iPad here {the format is the same as the Easy Readers}. We both have iPads so that what we will be using them on. Each eBook page has a number, which correlates with the order in the Arctic & Antarctica Calendar Connections cards.

Arctic and Antarctica Calendar Connections

BUT, you don’t have to use this eBook with the CC cards, it can stand alone as a simple way to learn about a particular topic. The series is created with 3rd-6th graders in mind, but it isn’t limited to those grades. It is a great way to explore a topic across grade levels within your homeschool!

For this topic, I added in a few extra photos to some of the pages, here’s a peek… 

Let's Explore The Arctic and Antarctica eBook 6 Let's Explore The Arctic and Antarctica eBook 29

The eBook version is available in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop Here!