Our Little Oily World

I am still on the oily journey but have decided to not write about it here on this blog.  I know many of you could care less what I think of my essential oils and I want to honor the majority with my homeschooling blog!

I have alternatively decided to create a newsletter entitled “Our Oily Little World which will share my discoveries, what I am learning, what I think is working for us and what isn’t. I already have tons to share and for those of you who are interested in oily updates, you can subscribe here! This email newsletter is ONLY for my essential oil updates, nothing 1+1+1=1/homeschool related!

The newsletter is not a marketing/sales tool at ALL!  It is simply a way for me to “blog” about my journey without actually blogging! The primary focus would be for those of you already using essential oils, but if you are thinking about jumping into the oily world, you might like it too as you pray over your decision. 

Our Oily Little World

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