New Essential Oil Starter Kits!

I don’t write about our essential oil journey much here on this blog, but we have now been using oils consistently for over two years now {since February 2013}.  We have many success stories and I am totally happy. We love our oils, even my once skeptical husband! I honestly can’t believe some of the changes we have experienced ~ the biggest one possibly being my husband’s love for our oils now!

We now have a blog dedicated to our oily journey ~ Oily Little World.

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I am a part of an amazing Christ-centered Young Living group led by my friend Jodi McKenna. She is a wealth of knowledge about oils and leads us with a passionate, humble and servant’s heart.We would love to have you join our team if you feel we are a good fit for you. Wise House Oils has loads of support to offer you, you can take a peek here.

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Signing up with Young Living is easy, and I recommend the Premium Starter Kit. The visual version of the Premium Starter Kit is below, this kit is incredible, everything you need to get started is in this kit. You even get to choose which diffuser you prefer {Dew Drop is shown in the image}.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit June 2015


What should you do now if you want to sign up?

Essential Oils Sign Up OLW


Not sure yet?

Here are some common questions {I had a LOT of these}

  • Do I have to order every month?  A certain amount? No! You can just order what you need each month.  If you are interested in the business side of Young Living there is a different answer but as a wholesale member who is interested in only purchasing oils for yourself, there is no monthly requirement.
  • Do I have to sell oils?  No! You can be a wholesale member just to get the wholesale prices and support offered to wholesale members!
  • Will they kick me out if I don’t order enough? You only have to order 50 PV {PV = personal volume and is approximately $50} once a year to remain active!  Trust me ~ that’s not hard to do!
  • Wait!  A friend wants to sign up under me, what do I do?  You will have your own distributor number and they just use that!  You’ll be surprised, even if you don’t want to build a business, it might just happen!  There are a few other logistical things regarding earning money with Young Living, so be sure to research that or email to ask if you are interested.
  • What is Essential Rewards?  It is the monthly shipment program that Young Living offers. I use it and place an order every month.  I have a set date and can change what I want to order at any time.  To maintain your Essential Rewards status {and get reduced shipping, credit for free oils, and access to monthly promotions} you have to place a minimum 50 PV order each month.
  • Why would I want to enroll in Essential Rewards? Honestly it is totally up to you! If you maintain 50 PV you are eligible for reduced shipping, and you will earn points redeemable for product.  Being enrolled also helps you remember to keep using your oils and slowly you will gain knowledge and reply on them more and medications and other products less!  That’s what has happened to me!
  • I think I want to build a business! GREAT!  We have a private business builders Facebook group too, we all work together and help each other.  You can email me for more info if you decide you want to build a business!

Other questions? Feel free to leave a comment here so I can answer for all to see in case you have a similar question to someone else.

Essential Oils Sign Up OLW

Our Little Oily World

I am still on the oily journey but have decided to not write about it here on this blog.  I know many of you could care less what I think of my essential oils and I want to honor the majority with my homeschooling blog!

I have alternatively decided to create a newsletter entitled “Our Oily Little World which will share my discoveries, what I am learning, what I think is working for us and what isn’t. I already have tons to share and for those of you who are interested in oily updates, you can subscribe here! This email newsletter is ONLY for my essential oil updates, nothing 1+1+1=1/homeschool related!

The newsletter is not a marketing/sales tool at ALL!  It is simply a way for me to “blog” about my journey without actually blogging! The primary focus would be for those of you already using essential oils, but if you are thinking about jumping into the oily world, you might like it too as you pray over your decision. 

Our Oily Little World

Want to get these email updates? 

CLICK HERE to sign up for this specific email newsletter. You will receive a confirmation email, you must click on the confirm subscription link within that email or you won’t receive any more updates!

Once you subscribe you will get a welcome newsletter and then my essential oil posts will come to you!

Missed my first posts about jumping into the essential oil world?  Read how we began here, and our first impressions here.

The Beginnings of Essential Oils for Us!

Essential Oils

We are total beginners in this oily world.  Skeptics too.  If I didn’t trust Jodi so much I wouldn’t ever do this.  We got our box last week and have jumped in. I must be honest and tell you my husband is an even bigger skeptic than I am.  He supports my journey but isn’t willing to try them himself quite yet.  He is a proof kinda guy. I am using them and using them for the house and kids.  The little 2 kids love the idea, Pac is a bit like Daddy.

Some of you who have signed up this month have asked me to share our journey with you, so here we go!

Here’s how we have used them so far…

I am mixing her Made On Bee Silk Junior lotion with Lavender, By the way, this is our first season using the Bee Silk Jr. and it is perfect for her!

Young Living Essential Oils  Lavendar


We have been using Peppermint.

Young Living Essential Oils Peppermint for Fever


I put a few drops of Purification on cotton balls and stuck one in the vent in our school room and one in the vent of Ladybug’s bedroom air purifier. I love the smell of this oil!!!

Young Living Essential Oils Purification for Air Vents


We are using Thieves on the bottoms of our feet, mixed with a bit of coconut oil or Made On Lotion. I detest the smell of the Thieves, but the kids love it.  It has a strong cinnamon smell and although most love this, I don’t!  But, I am still using it!

Young Living Essential Oils Thieves for Sickness Prevention


I have been putting Peace & Calming on my feet mixed with my Made On Lotion Bar before bed, and also inhaling it, and putting a drop on my wrists.

For now I have our oil collection and a few other items in a small basket.  I also keep a jar of coconut oil nearby too, as we use it to blend with. My family thinks I am nuts, and I sorta do too.  That’s OK, I am all for being a bit nuts!

Young Living Essential Oils


Young Living Premium Starter Kit AWESOME

A New {oily} Journey

My friend Jodi {Granola Mom 4 God} has sat beside of me at a few blog conferences.  We bonded online first, and then in real life.  In real life I was able to smell certain smells and see her tiny bottles in person, and honestly my first thought was, “that’s weird, but I love her anyway.”

You see, Jodi is into essential oils, Young Living Oils to be exact. She carries her little bottles around and has a solution for everything.  She will gladly anoint you with oil for many ailments! She has even begun making videos to help us newbies out!


About a year ago I said I was ready to try it, we began talking and although I still thought it a bit strange, I was willing to learn.  Well, a year later I am finally making good on my word.  My starter kit is in the mail heading to me right now!

So, Jodi set up a page for me on HER site, so you can sign up under me, which is also under her!  So, you still get the cool book she sends out and support from her, while also supporting my family – cool huh?  Yeah, she’s awesome like that.

My package hasn’t even arrived yet, so I can’t claim anything awesome about using essential oils, but Jodi can, and I trust her, fully.  If you are interested in learning and joining me on this new oily journey, head on over to the page she has on her site for me and learn more!