You Don’t Have to Do it All!

Pinterest has been both a blessing and a stumbling block for me.  I am blessed to have every homeschool idea imaginable all in one place and also to have a place to record and organize those ideas.  On the other hand, it gets a bit overwhelming, with all of the homeschool activities available. I imagine if I feel this way at times, perhaps many of you do also.

I just released my Where to Begin with Tot School eBook yesterday and it is full of links, photos, ideas and words! Now I am here to tell you to be sure you noticed the part about keeping it simple.  I am here to say…

You Don't Have To Do It All

Even I forget this at times and I am sure many of you who read my blog may think I do it all. I most certainly do not, I just take lots and lots of pictures of what we do.  One of my biggest concerns is that my blog gives off an unrealistic view of what our life is really like.  We are normal, I struggle a LOT, and Pinterest overwhelms me too sometimes.

When Pac was a tot/preschooler, I planned virtually NOTHING for him.  We did things naturally, but it was not a thing like what I have done with Krash and Ladybug. Guess what, Pac loves to learn, is overall a very well rounded and well behaved kid, and I don’t think he suffered one bit from my lack of planning activities when he was younger. Much of what I chose to do with my youngest 2 was for ME.  I enjoy planning early childhood stuff and once I began being more intentional, I was happier and so were my kids.

I know many of you have already read the eBook I shared yesterday and are filled with ideas and ready to begin.  I encourage you to remember to keep it simple, focus on giving your child the best YOU before the best activity.  I have to remind myself of this daily.  My kids would rather have a gentle, grace-filled, peaceful, loving mother than a fabulous craft or activity and a stressed out mom. Unfortunately I fail often, but I pick myself up again and continue the journey. I pray for you, and for myself, that we may focus on being the moms God desires us to be for the precious lives entrusted to our care.

Give your Child YOU


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