On the List ~ Bean Bag Chair

From now until Christmas, I am featuring our all time favorite toys!  I always love getting recommendations to get the Christmas gift idea lists to the grandparents in plenty of time!   I will feature 10 different gift ideas between now and Dec 21, every Saturday. Already I have featured Straws & Connectors, Indoor Energy Burners, Balance Bike, Letter Construction, and Foam Blocks!

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On the List...Bean Bag Chair

We were given an Ahh Products bean bag chair years ago for a review.  We absolutely fell in love and ended up getting 2 more, for a grand total of 3 in our house.  ALL 3 are used daily, by both pets and people!

Here’s an extensive review I wrote last year, I also answered reader questions in the comments if you want to peek there too for more info.

Ahh Bean Bag Chairs

These are very high quality, long lasting bean bags, not the kind you grab while at Target. I will admit, the price shocked me at first years ago, but now having owned them for years, I totally get it.  They are amazing! 

Home Preschool Letter Gg -2125

My kids not only sit in them but also jump, flip and play in them. Notice K mid air about to land in our large brown bean bag!

2nd Grade Homeschool -6477

Both our cat and dog use them as beds too, and with washable covers this is no problem.  The inner liner is waterproof for the double WIN with young kids and pets!



Thoughts to Consider…

We own a red and navy cuddle fabric 37” Large, and a brown cuddle fabric 52” Giant, both with “reground beans.” You can read more about the sizes we own here {yes you will see photos of my family on their website, I gave them permission to use some of our photos for their site!}.  See the purchase page for the fabric we own here.

We have refilled our bean bags, which is common if you children jump into them a lot {ours do}. You can see more info about refilling them here.  These bean bags have a 10 Year Warranty.

Their Facebook page is here, be sure to check for any discount codes. Currently I see a 5% discount with code: EarlyBird5

They do sell Ahh! bean bags on Amazon also, you can find them here. Be sure to check the prices in both places before buying, to be sure you are getting the lowest for the one you choose.

This is an investment, and the price reflects the quality.  I can’t see a day when we won’t use these bean bags, they are a long term piece of furniture. If you have active children that you homeschool, I highly recommend one for the school time use. We have 2 kept in our school room and they have been a HUGE help for reading time, wiggly kids, jumping into and more.  They really are as awesome as they look.

Do you already own a bean bag you love?  Is one on your list?

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