On The List… Straws & Connectors

From now until Christmas, I will be featuring our all time favorite toys!  I always love getting recommendations so I can get the Christmas gift idea lists to the grandparents in plenty of time!  That’s why I am starting early this year with some individual toy features.  I will update our gift recommendation posts {tot, preschool, boys, moms, Jesus} for 2013 and publish those in early November, but wanted to get started with these features of our favorites now.  I will feature 10 different gift ideas between now and Dec 21, every Saturday.

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Up first, if we didn’t already own them Straws and Connectors would definitely be on the list!On the List ~ Straws & Connectors

We bought our first set of Straws and Connectors back in April, and bought our second set in May.  This is probably the most loved toy we have right now, by all three kids.  They all build some amazing creations, both individually and together as you can see…

Straws and Sticks -3875

Summer Challenge 2013 -5156

Home Preschool -9251

Summer Challenge 2013 -4719


In My Opinion…

  • Ideal Age Range 4-11 {the box says 5+}
  • Widened Age Range 3-13 The tiny connectors are small and I definitely would not recommend this toy for any child that still puts anything in their mouth. The connectors can be frustrating sometimes for my daughter but she really enjoys this set and has since she turned 4.  An easily frustrated 3 year old might be too young. Pac is 11 1/2 and still loves building with these.

Which Set?

  • We bought the smaller set first {a gift for P on his 11th birthday}, and within a month {for K’s birthday} we got the big set.  They use ALL of them.  If you only have one child and aren’t sure this will be a hit, just go for the smaller set and add on later.  If you have more than one child using the set, just get the bigger one!
  • We store all of ours in a clear plastic container from Costco, you can see it in a photo above sitting near Ladybug.

We got ours on Amazon, I haven’t seen them anywhere else {I am sure they are, I just have yet to see them in a store}

Straws and Connectors 230 piece    Straws and Connectors 705 piece

Do you already have Straws and Connectors?  Are they on your list?

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