Gift Ideas for 8 year Olds

Many Christmas gift ideas have been shared here on our blog in the past and I have a new list for you today all centered around what our 8 year old loves right now. My 8 year old is a boy, but most of these would be great for a boy or a girl!  Most of these are also loved by my 12 year old son, and my 5 year old daughter too. This is a list for a wide age range, my son just happens to be 8 and these are a few of his very favorites!

Gift Ideas for 8 Year Olds


We all love this game!  My boys got it for a joint gift over a year ago and we have played it TONS. It is a game of balance and brings loads of laughter {sometimes tears with the younger crowd}. We love it so much we have given it as a gift! 



These blocks are a gift my kids got last year that have turned into a favorite. The unique creations built with a bunch of flat blocks amaze me! 


Here’s my 8 year old’s recent creations…

3rd Grade -1792

Straws and Connectors

Another family favorite!  Personally I love how quiet these are! Hours and hours of building fun.Straws and Connectors 705 pieces


This has become a recent favorite for both of my boys {8 & 12}.  The one shown below is the more advanced version, we have the original too.  They sit for so long and play this maze game.

Perplexus Epic

Rip Rider and RipStick

LOVE. THESE. Both of my boys, absolutely love both of these!

Rip RiderRipstick

Connect 4 Launchers

My 8 year old loves to play this game with me.  I don’t think we completely follow the rules, but we have so much fun with this one. This is also one my younger kids enjoy playing alone, it’s fun to just practice flipping the pieces!Connect 4 Launchers

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Gift Ideas for 5 Year Olds

Gift Ideas for 5 Year Olds

We have shared tons of Christmas Gift ideas in the past and have a list for you today all centered around what our 5 year old loves right now. My 5 year old is a girl, but most of these would be great for a girl or a boy!  Of course she also has other loves like My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, and Minecraft {thanks to her big brothers}. I wanted the ideas in this post to be more for gift buying outside of the known loves and give you some different ideas!

Gift Ideas for 5 Year Olds


Small Animals

We have so many of these set and my daughter plays with them all of the time!  We have collected most of our sets using coupons from Michaels, getting one set at a time with their 40 or 50% off coupon. We have also gotten some from Amazon and some as gifts.

Safari Pets Toob  Safari Animals

Colorful Counters

We have always had colorful counting bears but last year we did a review for Learning Resources and got a few more of these awesome sets.  Just like the Safari animals above, these are a top favorite.  She has several sets now and they are all mixed up in a bin together and are played with almost daily.



She got her first and only Playmobil sets this past year and she LOVES them. We have this one and a unicorn set in a bin which also gets tons of play. Personally, I love how little space they take up! 

Playmobil horse

Gobblet Gobblers

We have had Gobblet Gobblers for years and it was a favorite of my son’s when he was this age {he still likes it now too}, and now is a favorite of Ladybug’s.

Gobblet Gobblers

Sequence Games for Kids

We have the Sequence for Kids and she LOVES it.  It is the most requested game we have.  I want to get her the Letters version this year for Christmas!

Sequence LettersSequence for Kids


PlasmaCar’s are awesome!!!  We got our first one from a review years ago and have since bought a second one personally.  We all use the cars and love them. We even bought one as a family gift for my husband’s sister’s family a few years ago!



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Do you have gift recommendations for a 5 year old?  Leave your ideas in the comments below!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

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On the List ~ Animal Toobs

This is my final On the List post!  It has been fun sharing my favorite items with you, I hope these ideas have been helpful.See what has already been featured: Straws & Connectors, Indoor Energy Burners, Balance Bike, Bean Bag Chair, Letter Construction, Candy Construction Unique Riding Toys, and Foam Blocks!

Safari Animal Toobs

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used, thanks for your support!}

Our tiny animals are one of the MOST played with items in our home. Ladybug is the biggest fan and has loved them since she was aware we had them!  She seriously plays with this collection more than anything else we own.  I am consistently adding to the collection in various ways; Zulily credit, Amazon sales, 50% off coupons at Michaels and gifts from others! 

Home Preschool Letter C -8692

I find our animals playing with her in just about every situation you can think of. They are constant companions!

Home Preschool -0364

I also pull specific animal sets in to use for our Continent Box studies {Australia shown below}.

Australia Continent Box -8310

I also add any animals beginning with our current letter to our Alphabet Basket collection! Below you can see our monkey collection hidden in for our Letter M basket!

Home Preschool Letter M -7995


The best way to get a good deal on the Safari Toobs is by using a 40-50% off one item coupon at Michaels or a similar store.  Often the toobs are found on the end caps of aisles.  A normal price for a toob is between $8-11, so with a coupon they are a great price! These little creatures are high quality and have lasted through MASSIVE play at our house for many years. If you have little ones, I definitely recommend building up a collection!

Do you already own an animal collection?

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Favorite-Gift-Idea-Candy-Constructio  Favorite Gift Idea Riding Toys_thumb


{disclaimer ~ no company featured in my “On the List…” posts knew in advance that they would be featured, nor was I paid in any way to include any item.  Although affiliate links are used and some items were once review items, these are completely tried and true personal recommendations.  As you can always see from our photos, we own and use everything I recommend.}

On the List ~ Bean Bag Chair

From now until Christmas, I am featuring our all time favorite toys!  I always love getting recommendations to get the Christmas gift idea lists to the grandparents in plenty of time!   I will feature 10 different gift ideas between now and Dec 21, every Saturday. Already I have featured Straws & Connectors, Indoor Energy Burners, Balance Bike, Letter Construction, and Foam Blocks!

{disclaimer ~ Amazon affiliate links are used, thanks for your support}

On the List...Bean Bag Chair

We were given an Ahh Products bean bag chair years ago for a review.  We absolutely fell in love and ended up getting 2 more, for a grand total of 3 in our house.  ALL 3 are used daily, by both pets and people!

Here’s an extensive review I wrote last year, I also answered reader questions in the comments if you want to peek there too for more info.

Ahh Bean Bag Chairs

These are very high quality, long lasting bean bags, not the kind you grab while at Target. I will admit, the price shocked me at first years ago, but now having owned them for years, I totally get it.  They are amazing! 

Home Preschool Letter Gg -2125

My kids not only sit in them but also jump, flip and play in them. Notice K mid air about to land in our large brown bean bag!

2nd Grade Homeschool -6477

Both our cat and dog use them as beds too, and with washable covers this is no problem.  The inner liner is waterproof for the double WIN with young kids and pets!



Thoughts to Consider…

We own a red and navy cuddle fabric 37” Large, and a brown cuddle fabric 52” Giant, both with “reground beans.” You can read more about the sizes we own here {yes you will see photos of my family on their website, I gave them permission to use some of our photos for their site!}.  See the purchase page for the fabric we own here.

We have refilled our bean bags, which is common if you children jump into them a lot {ours do}. You can see more info about refilling them here.  These bean bags have a 10 Year Warranty.

Their Facebook page is here, be sure to check for any discount codes. Currently I see a 5% discount with code: EarlyBird5

They do sell Ahh! bean bags on Amazon also, you can find them here. Be sure to check the prices in both places before buying, to be sure you are getting the lowest for the one you choose.

This is an investment, and the price reflects the quality.  I can’t see a day when we won’t use these bean bags, they are a long term piece of furniture. If you have active children that you homeschool, I highly recommend one for the school time use. We have 2 kept in our school room and they have been a HUGE help for reading time, wiggly kids, jumping into and more.  They really are as awesome as they look.

Do you already own a bean bag you love?  Is one on your list?

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Favorite-Gift-Idea-Balance-Bike512  Favorite-Gift-Idea-Letter-Constructi[1]

{disclaimer ~ no company featured in my “On the List…” posts knew in advance that they would be featured, nor was I paid in any way to include any item.  Although affiliate links are used and some items were once review items, these are completely tried and true personal recommendations.  As you can always see from our photos, we own and use everything I recommend.}