On the List ~ Animal Toobs

This is my final On the List post!  It has been fun sharing my favorite items with you, I hope these ideas have been helpful.See what has already been featured: Straws & Connectors, Indoor Energy Burners, Balance Bike, Bean Bag Chair, Letter Construction, Candy Construction Unique Riding Toys, and Foam Blocks!

Safari Animal Toobs

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Our tiny animals are one of the MOST played with items in our home. Ladybug is the biggest fan and has loved them since she was aware we had them!  She seriously plays with this collection more than anything else we own.  I am consistently adding to the collection in various ways; Zulily credit, Amazon sales, 50% off coupons at Michaels and gifts from others! 

Home Preschool Letter C -8692

I find our animals playing with her in just about every situation you can think of. They are constant companions!

Home Preschool -0364

I also pull specific animal sets in to use for our Continent Box studies {Australia shown below}.

Australia Continent Box -8310

I also add any animals beginning with our current letter to our Alphabet Basket collection! Below you can see our monkey collection hidden in for our Letter M basket!

Home Preschool Letter M -7995


The best way to get a good deal on the Safari Toobs is by using a 40-50% off one item coupon at Michaels or a similar store.  Often the toobs are found on the end caps of aisles.  A normal price for a toob is between $8-11, so with a coupon they are a great price! These little creatures are high quality and have lasted through MASSIVE play at our house for many years. If you have little ones, I definitely recommend building up a collection!

Do you already own an animal collection?

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