et Word Family Printable ~ Funny Font Word Hunt

et word family printable funny font word hunt

We continue to enjoy our word family work here in our homeschool Kindergarten and have a new _et word family printable for you!  It’s one of Ladybug’s favorite activities, the Funny Font Word Hunt!

et word family funny fonts

This printable is a simple and fun activity to help children see print in many different forms.  As we all know, our world is filled with various fonts and learning that letters are the same no matter what font they are in is important for young kids!  This activity helps them learn this in a fun and simple way.

We use dot paint mostly for this activity, but she also likes to use colored stickers. Don’t have either?  Just use crayons or markers to circle the words in the correct color.

YCR et Word Family -3364

Ladybug also likes for us to take turns sometimes.  We will start at the top left and I will do a word, then she will do a word.  It makes for fun discussion, often about the fonts and letters.  She really gets into this one!

YCR et Word Family -3366


Grab your free copy of _et Funny Font Word Hunt here!

While there you’ll get a peek at the full _et word family printable set.  Many FREE individual files will be coming soon, the full set is available in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop if you want it now! 


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